April 24, 2018



9 MONTHS!!!!

Let’s take some time to think of some things that we want to do or things that we have a desire to do. I know that Nephi wanted to learn about the mysteries of God but he really had the desire to learn. He worked hard and gave all that he could to study and to learn. Do we really have a desire to do the things that we want? One of the hardest things to do is to be humble even though we may think that we know. There are always things we can do to improve.

Mexicans are really funny in everything! It’s hard to explain but they just act funny and the way they talk is way different than all of the world. We helped a man wash a car but we were so slow...this man is speedy Gonzales with washing cars!! And it’s all by hand with buckets and 2 towels it really was crazy but he has 30 years washing cars so he has some experience.

We helped one of our investigators make some bread but it’s not just normal bread its a candy bread (pan dulce) It really was so much fun. We made about 7 different kinds of bread and some had ham, cheese and pineapple in the middle and some have a ton of suger. There are so many different kinds!

Here is one of the few stores that sell Dr Pepper it really is something that no one here drinks it because the Coke here is the best!! Even thought in USA I think Dr Pepper is better. Today we spent all day running around our area! taking a trolly to get down the same street back and forth like 4 times!

This month has really gone by so fast! The months here are like days it really is crazy how fast the time is going. Even though today we were looking for about 29 houses and some we couldn't find but with others no one was home and makes the day a little hard, walking in the sun that just is so strong. Though at the end of they day we were walking to an appointment and called the investigador and asked if we could meet at the temple to go to the visitor center. It really is a blessing to have the visitor center here! So we met there and the investigador didn't want to leave because of all the peace that she felt and the Holy Ghost really testified of the things.

Went to the doctor today because i am sick a little bit and we found out that i am allergic to the pollution and it just happens to be that i am in one of the most polluted cities in the world. It took 3 hours at the doctor with all the other missionaries that were waiting for the doctor they were from other missions. To get home we take the Metro and because we are here in the city on a Saturday using metro is was FULL and in some of them where we didn't have to walk because everyone was just pushing to get in and then the hardest part is geting out.

We helped an investigator put up a bunk bed and it was really fun and good service.

Sunday morning baptism! The room was full of members and little kids in the morning. Was a fast baptism right before sacrament meeting but as always is amazing! The kid i baptized was scared of the water but after some time i helped him calm down and get into the water and after he was smiling and so happy! After sacrament meeting 2 investigators had their baptism interviews and it took 3 hours not sure why so long but the family is all ready for the next week.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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