April 17, 2018



Zone Conference


Zone Conference! The focus for this one was becoming one with our companions and teaching like the Savior. It was really awesome we did a lot of practice teaching with our companions. Our president asked if anyone had any questions and so I asked about the Abrahamic Covenant and it was crazy becuase he explaned a lot and it was a lot of information and awesome because everything connected in my head, that I am in the work of bringing the house of Israel together.


We ate today with our mission leader of the ward and his wife made some amazing enchiladas which are a lot different here than in the US. And they taste so much better here! We then went to zocalo to find a reference that we received, he wasn't home but we did find his wife and made an appointment to come back monday and teach him. The only thing is that it’s hard to find him because he works in uber and just about never is home.

As we were there we walked past the center where there is a big flag and there is a convention of parts of the world! and there is just about every part you can think of!! we found Russia so i went an took a photo with it. It was really awesome to see different traditions all in one area of the world! As we were walking back we walked in some streets and they were FULL of things to buy here in Mexico city you can buy anything that you want. It is crazy how many things there are here in the city! and SO MANY people it reminded me of New York but here its a lot older and in New York everything is a lot newer and technology with time square and everything.

One of the members was telling me about whats gooing on with the bombings in Syria. It’s really crazy to not know what’s going on the the world.


8 Investigadors came to church! And it always is amazing here to see the members after talking to them and being friends with really is what the church should be doing all the time. It makes me think of 1 Nephi 8 when Lehi eats of the fruit and is full of joy and wants to share that joy with everyone! We should share the joy we feel with everyone! That they may taste of the fruit!


​Walked 40 minutes to the appointment that we had in zocalo and he wasn't there so we left our number with his mom and hoping that they will contact us and we can find him with even though it is hard with the hours that he is working. As we were in our next appontment which was about 30 min walking maybe more to get to them and she started crying at the end and really touched my heart because of how stong she could feel the spirit in her heart. I have learned something here and it is that families don't want to be together that often becaue they are always fighting about something and most the time it’s money or a house that their parents have. When they have money they become very prideful. The families that have the gospel in their lives really are living a better life and really have seen changes in their lives.​

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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