April 10, 2018



Hot sun and huge area and dust

This week really was an amazing week! I am loving this area that i am in even though it’s huge and we do a ton of walking in the sun that is really strong. We have had some luck and in the nights we get rain so then the tempeture goes down and feels amazing. The only problem with the rain is when it rains it is a TON! and there is a lot! So because some days we don't carry a rain coat we are running to find some dry spot because it may be for a small amount of time but it always is so much and the drops are HUGE! That is a little update about the weather here!

In this week we did a lot of looking and helping a brother and a sister be prepared for baptism! It was an amazing baptism as always! But after when we went to go and change my companion and I both had forgotten our garments and so we had to put them on and because they were still wet everyone could see the lines in our pants where the water changed the color to be darker and it looked really funny lol.

One of the days we went and did some service and everyone here has 1 room in their house with a ton of stuff and dust! It’s crazy because all the dust here just joins together and its crazy we will clean the house and the next week there is a ton! So this room was horrible with dust and had a ton of metal and wood that we moved to the roof of the house and this investigator with his boxer that is heavy he took up the stairs to be on the room of the 2 story building he keep on aking if his dog was going to jump off! I guess its something that happens a lot here in Mexico!​

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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