April 3, 2018



Time change


With all the problems with Investigaters that LOVE coffee we have been looking for the mormon cafe so that we can buy it for them and help them to stop drinking the coffee. So it has been an excitingi adventure looking for what stores here in Mexico might have it! We got told that we could find it in a store of herbs things and nature. Then at one of the investigators houses we were teaching about the word of wisdom and she said that she has a problem with smoking but really wants to stop smoking. My comp sees that she has a pack on her table and asks to see it. She hands it to him and he puts in in his pocket and askes her look at the table and what do you see. She said nothing and then he said perfect without the temptation to smoke it will be easier to stop smoking. Before we left she asked for just 2 and that it was going to be her LAST 2 and so we are really hoping that it will be that last 2.


The SUN HERE IS SO STRONG! It really is not that its hot but the sun is just so strong but when we are walking in shade it’s cold and feels amazing. Today was amazing weather with some cloud cover and not having any problems with frying in the strong sun. My comp always says that everyday he feels blacker because of the sun.

This week was crazy because here it’s the Semana Santa (saints week) so every kid didn't have school all this week and it’s 3 days where a lot of people went on vacation and we couldn't find anyone because they all went to the beaches. All the churches here do representations of the crucifixion of christ and it was very interesting some people prepare to walk the same length as Christ with a cross and they dress up like him also.


General Conference!! I really loved the priesthood session! when prophet said "RISE UP WITH ME" having everyone stand up with him and then singing it really was so touching and amazing. We all need to come together as one and work hard and get all the work done that we can! It may be hard as 1 person but if we all come together it really is easier. I am going to stay in this area and i hope not to change again for some time i really do love this area!


General Conference!! April!! Today here in mexico the time changes and moves forward one hour and we had no idea about it! we got a call asking what time we are going to be at the stake center and it was 8 in the morning so i told them we are going to leave about 8:45 they then told us that it’s 9 in the morning! It was very confusing and took some time to adjust everything that we had planned and that we were doing. It took us 1 hour to get to the stake center becaue we had no Idea how to get there! it was verry exciting and confusing! We made it but with a lot of walking and not having any idea where we were going.

That night we were with a resent convert and her husband and daughter and we watched meet the mormons with them and this movie really changes how they thought that we are. Without us saying anything answerd a TON of questions that they had.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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