March 27, 2018



New Area


Today we are doing divisions with the district leader and i will be going to their area to work with Elder Guerra. The area is Mixihuca and i really learned a lot from him on how to teach with questions where we aren't talking the whole time but we are asking questions that get them thinking more and more. Sometimes they don't answer but they really get thinking and it opens up their minds. After we them teach the doctrine so they can see how to apply it to them.

We walked through a place called the merced and there is a video of a man with 2 skelotions dancing. It was very exciting to see! In this area you can find just about anything there are so many THINGS!!


In the morning with Elder Guerra we did a work out with a workout video called insanity max out and it really is crazy!! I was really sore after and with all the walking it was even worse but if there is no pain there is no gain!

In the night we got a call from the asistants and they told us that we are having special changes and i will be going back to Mixihuca to work with elder Guerra so we had to pack everything up because they told us that the next day we need to be in our area so i called up a Convert from when i was in Olivos and he was very willing to help! It was awesome to talk with him and see that he and his family are very active in the church and they are reading the Book of Mormon as a family and telling me some of the things that he has learned form reading. We left the area that we were in alone because there aren't enough missionaries right now to be there in all of them.


Our last day in the area before we go to our new areas. We went and visited a lot of people to tell them what’s going on and that maybe no one will be going back to work in that area. We walked all of our area in one day. In the night when we were going to our new house we had planned to leave about 9 at night and we ran into a ton of problems with elder espinosas ride and wegot to the new areas at 11 pm at night. It was really late at night, but it was good to get to our houses safe and sound with no problems.


THIS AREA IS THE BIGGEST AREA IN THE MISSION!!! We have so many streets!! I am now more towards the center of the city! we have a part of the city center and it’s awesome! In our p day we went all the way there walking and it was awesome! Saw so many things and so many tourists! I was hoping to see someone from the United States but we saw a lot of members that were from different places!

We got a call from one investigator and recent convert saying that a judge wants him to pay 200,000 pesos for a problem that really is nothing it was amazing to call a member in Olivos and tell him what’s going on and hoping that he will be able to help with the problem so that he can start working again. Knowing the member is amazing and having people who are just willing to halp at anytime that it may be needed.


This ward is amazing, there are a lot of people young and old that come to chruch and a lot of our investigators! They are so welcoming here it was really so nice! We watched meet the mormons with some investigators and it really opened their eyes and cleared up some ideas that they had. At the end my comp and I were crying because the missionary was going to the mission. It was very touching!!

I love you all so much!!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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