March 20, 2018



Rain 🌧

Everything is going good this week!! We are working with a lot of less active and they just tell us and about the past times and I can see the joy in their faces and i just want to bring this joy back into this ward. The biggest thing that we have seen why people leave the church is because of some things that they saw with other members and they just leave. It really is so sad to see.

To be a good missionary you need to contact a TON of people and talk to as many people as you can because finding people is the most important!

I have been studying about covenants and a question that i want everyone to think about is: What are the covenants that we have made with the lord and do we know what they are? If we don't know our covenants we can never re-new them in sacrament meeting.

We got some nice rain storms that were about 30 min but a TON of rain. My pants got all wet because the drops were the size of quarters and we got stuck waiting in the middle of a crazy road to cross to get to the church. It made it so much cooler though after!

In this area that i am in we see so many people from all different areas because we have the airport right next to us and also a big metro and bus station and you can go just about wherever you would want to go.

Keep on reading the Book of Mormon. I promise that it is an amazing tool that we have to use and we should never forget about it!

Guardar firme en el Evangelio! Con el libro de mormon podemos recibir cualquier respuesta a cualquier pregunta. Le amo!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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