March 13, 2018



Sick 😷

In my personal study i have been reading a talk called "Understanding Who You Are" I can’t remember who it is by but it is amazing and I invite everyone to read it! It has really opened my eyes to finding who i am and finding what my part is in the plan of salvation and how satain is trying to take our identity. I have learned so much!!!

This week has been a little rough too because we have both been sick and really slowed down the work and what we could do.

One of the members has a dog named Jamon. Lol he loves training dogs so it was cool to give commands in spanish to the dog. I love the members here they are so nice and very inviting!

We have found out why we got sick ... we are thinking it’s because of turning on the fan and opening the window in the night. There is so much pollution here and came in throught the window and then with the fan it was just game over. Hopfuly we will start to feel better be the end of the week. We went to the Doctor and that was an exciting trip to the temple and on the way back the micro was crazy! Felt like i was in the movie fast and furious!

With the Family home evening with the ward tomorrow we are trying to get as many people to come as possible. We went to the church and i called about everyone in the ward list and about 10 numbers are right and I called about 70 people. It was crazy and a lot of fun because i said something incorrect in spanish and we both just started laughing. I asked someone if elder webb was home instead of i am elder webb. One lady asked what bank we are and it was just so funny! I am so happy for the life i have been given and the family that i have! It is so sad to see some families just destroyed because of the ley of castidad. Satan is very tempting and smart and it’s the best way to destroy the families.

Went and taught a family who has been less active for 10 years because of some things that they didn't like in the church of some mebers and just left for 10 years. I never could imagine my life without the Gospel. It really is such a blessing to know who i am and the part and the plan that God has for us! They are basically investigators with how much time and all the things they have forgotten.

Had our family home evening and 10 people were able to come and enjoy the time the activities that we did. Played the game with names on our heads and trying to guess who we are! Was a lot of fun and i invite in everyones home to do Family home evening become closer as a family and invite other families to join and be apart.

Today we are felling better! and Looked for A TON of people but the list that we have the last time it was updated was 5 years ago so it makes the work harder in finding some of the less active and some don't even live there anymore. Thought it was good when we found some pople and now we are going to work with them and help them come back to church. Remember how the spirit felt before. Went to a family home evening with a recent convert and the family Vargas it always is so much fun to go to them and get to know them enjoying the time learning something small and playing some activites!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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