February 27, 2018



Wow this book can talk

My trainer is now my district leader in my new area lol. Elder Barron. As we were trying to get to the district meeting we had to take the metro and all i know is that i dont want to live in mexico city and always be using the metro in the morning. IT’S HORRIBLE! Thousands of people running around and then all at once when the train gets to the station we are all packed together and it sucks when it comes. The people are trying to rip open the doors to pile in and you DON’T have to walk you just get shoved in and try to get in before the doors close. It felt like being in a tuna can...all shoved in... no need to hold on to anything because everyone is packed together. When we were trying to get out it was harder because there is still no room, people are trying to get in and we are pushing to get out it’s it like playing rugby or football. It really would be good practice! lol It was hard just trying to stay next to my companion. I thought i lost him at one point. It made me think about our conversion to the gospel. We really need to be converted to the gospel! In whatever way that something may be stopping or trying to destroy the testimony that we have. We need to make sure it stays STRONG and FIRM.
Today was crazy we were contacting a ton of people and really nobody wanted anything and not even to talk to us but then i have the phone and we get a call. On the phone this person says tell me more about Jesus Christ! It was CRAZY because to be honest no one calles the number when we write it on the card! It really was a milagro! miracle. As we were trying to find out about some RC information who was baptised last and we found out that in olimpico and in Hangares the last baptisms where about a year ago! As we were going home we took a metro and it was better because there wasn't a ton of people trying to get on but i started to contact on the metro and no one wanted to take the card like i was trying to sell something to them. Of about 20 people 5 took the card it really was kind-of hard.
With being in the 2 areas it is HUGE i put some maps up to see it all at once. one of the maps shows both areas and then the other 2 are the individual wards that we are working in. It make an L around the airport. There are always airplanes coming in about every 1 min and 30 seconds and then the same interval leaving. As we were waking home by a busy road i saw someone in front of us and as he was walking by just yelled in my face. It was weird i jumped back a little and then he said not to be scared ... it really was just weird.
Baptism of Xochti It was amazing and wonderful! It’s always amazing to be in a baptism and just feel the Holy Ghost so strong! It really is one of my favorite things to go and to do in the week when we have them. As we were looking for less active we found a lady from Brazil! Started to teach her at her door as normal because her husband wasn't home. She has 3 years here in mexico and she was super nice and very open to listening to our message.
7 MONTHS!! The time is just going faster and faster i feel like. It never slows down... the years feel like months the months like days and days like hours and hours like minutes and minutes like seconds ...wake up and by the time we know it, back to sleep! In the sacrament meeting there was only 30 people in Olimpico and in Hangares. Big change from olivos but i am so excited that my companion and I have the time to help these 2 wards! We are gong to look for 500 less actives between the 2 wards.
To be honest was a rough day. We just contacted all day long and by the end of the day went to a family home evening with a member which was amazing. The topic was on the Book of Mormon and i love hearing the testimonies about the book of mormon because it is so powerful in our lives and we are so blessed to have it with us now in time! We should be reading and studying and we will be building our testimony. One recent convert told me "wow this book can talk!" I know that this book will be a blessing in our lives as we read and study and let the Holy Gost come into our lives 1 nephi 1:12 and we will be filled with the spirit of the lord.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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