February 6, 2018



Amazing week

This week will be without the dates because I ran out of time in the week to write everythng down so I hope that it’s not too short and still will be enjoyable!! This week has been amazing!! A lot of work is getting done although the other elders in this area have been really sick. Thankfuly Elder Gamez and I haven't gotten sick and we are hoping not to! Sometimes i feel the days just going by so fast as we are working harder and harder the weeks really feel like days. When we have a baptism in the week they even go FASTER! It was amazing the baptism that we had because the father was able to baptize his kids and we helped the father 3 weeks ago to be baptized. It was the most touching thing in the world! It really was hard this week trying to get everything for the baptism the church, filling the font and all that takes time and we lost track on finding new investigators. I am really learning how to be organized and working in many different things in one time. I really am enjoying the ward that i am in, I have been blessed with the best ward in the stake and the mission. They help us so much with our investigators and it is so helpful. We did a lot of teaching this week with a lot of people. Some days it’s just 1 or 2 families that we are able to find in the day.

We did a family home evning with the stake president here and the family that just was baptized and the stake president was telling us how he washed his clothes on his mission with a top of a bottle and a stick with a big bucket. Today we did all our shopping and built this thing to wash our clothes. We thought it would be a good Idea and IT WAS! it took some time to wash but we got it done! It was the weirdest thing and i would have never thought about it but it really washed our clothes and we had a good time while doing it!

Something that i learned this week was about being diligent. Diligence is so important to have because when we are diligent we are acting and working. We have to find our vision or our goal that we want to get to. Also the importance to having hope that we will make it to our goal.We will be blessed as we are diligent.

Sorry for such a short email the next week will be longer and have more that happened thorughout the week! Love you all!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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