January 9, 2018



Another week in the new year

Had the opportunity to help some of our investigators get giant bags of oranges out of their truck and take them to there tangies spot. Tangies to me are like DI in the street with a bunch of used beaten up things. You can find just about anything in them. I always love just serving someone because it changes my day for the better and i just want to help more and more people. Through service we really can invite the spirit to be with us. Sad to hear that Thomas S. Monson passed away it was so beautiful to see how people here who never seen him in person have so much love for him and the prophets. This church really changes the lives of the world and brings a peace and love to everything.1
One of the hardest things for me here is understanding people on the phone and just talking and having them understand me lol. Something that i never thought would be hard but i am working with it and hoping it won't be hard at the end of this cycle. The primary here made some cards that look like a white shirt and then put a black square and wrote elder on it. Then on the back we helped them find a scripture about coming to church or Christ. We took all that we made and gave them to our investigators to invite them to come to church. It was a lot of fun working with the kids even if it was only 4 kids! They may be little in size and numbers but so strong in the spirit.
Día do los Reyes. Something i never knew existed until i got here it's like Christmas but from the kings that came to Jesus´s Birth. Sadly it only brought a mob to a store and a ton of police and it was crazy luckily we weren't there when it happened but our investigators have been telling us. In the night we helped with setting up a tangies stand again and they worked all night long! There was a TON of people shopping and buying things! I felt like that was a lot bigger then Christmas. I studied about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and it really opened up my eyes because It is something that will and can help us with whatever problem taht we are going through! Jesus Christ went through so much so that we will never be alone and always have something to help us in the hardest times of our lives. And when we are feeling the lowest of lows he is feeling the same and wants to help so we can find the plenitude of joy that this church brings to us personally and our families.
8 am church! New Year new church time. It was good because we had about 140 people come to church even if they showed up late. I am starting my 4th cycle in this area which is another month and a half and i am so excited because i get to know the members even more and really help this area that i am given so much time to know. Family Home evenings are so important to have. Even if something small they really bring families together. We had one with our Stake president and an investigator and his family and it just was so amazing to see how even though 2 very different families in everything can become so close through the church. Invite another family to do a family home evening just get to know the people who have been close to us.
It is really is so nice that the members are working with us because they really help the area because we won't be here forever but as they become friends with the investigators They are a huge help in the progression and the conversion. Jorge Marines is a member that i was with tonight and just getting to know him and him helping us was amazing. He called some of his friends to see if we could visit them and if they weren't home he invited them to come to church and just get to know what has helped him with his testimony about the church. Jorge has an amazing voice as he was taking us home he sang and it was like a professional. He always tells us that he is a police man, lawyer, and professional singer.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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