December 26, 2017



Christmas zone conference

As we were teaching one of our investigators he really was going through such a hard time with his wife and her leaving him and then wanting to come back and with everything in his life as he really wants to change for the better. We taught him about the importance of the family and how we have a proclomation to the world about families. When we shared that with him he was very emotional. Gave the last prayer and he started to cry. That night the Huezo Family invited us to go with them in their street that they live in and give out bread with a light the world card on it with our number. We went house to house sharing something small and then at some houses we sang them a christmas hymn. I could just tell how even though they may not be members they really felt the spirit of christmas.
¡CHRISTMAS ZONE CONFERENCE YAY! We got to the stake center in our service clothes because for 2 hours we are going to clean up a park with 3 other zones. Everyone had brough something to use to work with ... some started to pick up the trash and others worked on trimming some trees and then just about everyone else took a shovel or something that could cut weeds and we just went for it and started to cut and pile up everything that we could. After cleaning up as much as we could we went back and changed and had a small conference where President talked about how everyone says the mission is hard but it really is something easy as we are working with God and Christ. He shared the scripture Mathew 11:27-29
As we were teaching about the word of wisdom our investigator pulls out a bottle of wine and asks us what he should do with it and what came to our minds was dump it down the sink. God really does gives us tests of our strength all the time.We need to be always in tune with the spirit and when we feel like we need to ACT that is what we need to do 9 times out of 10 if we are folloing the commandments the 1st thing to come to our mind is the correct one. One of the hardest thing to do is to be humble just maybe accepting the fact that in an argument we were wrong or always being open to learn more even if we think that we know everything about it.
Alma 32:28 Planting a seed of the words of God in our hearts. As we do so our knowledge will be lightened and we will know it will be a good seed a seed of the word of God. We are trying to convert all the tortilla shops so that no one is selling tortillas on sundays lol.With one of the members we always eat with on Saturday she had Old christmas music playing! And as we were talking she said one of here favorite singers is Elvis Presley. She made us some mole that not a lot of people make here and it was the best food that i have ever eaten! Learning how to study is so importand and also being diligent in studying is also another thing so important! As we study diligently we will be taught and learn more things then we think we ever would.
CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Everyone here was 5 to 10 minuets late to chruch and we had about 80 people come to church.Even through we were given permission to go to a dinner with a family and be out till 10 pm we ended up going with some of our investigators and we just taught them about Christ and sang christmas hymn with them and really showed me it’s not all about what we get in our gifts or how many we get it truly is about giving something to someone else and remebering the love Christ has for us. For our dinner we made some pancakes and the other Elders that we live with shared some food that they had brought home. We did a devotional and shared our testimonies. We all had picked names and gave some gifts. Elder Juarez form Puru game me a Coke a Cola soda semi coin holder and a selfi stick lol. I gave him a Disco light and snowman that dances and one that lights up. Thank you so much Grandma Miki and Grandpa Buzz for the scarfs!
I didn't ever think i would have gone to a movie not by the church on my mission but we were given permission to go see Coco today and it was amazing! I love just how much it shows abut the importance of family history and we should always remember who they are no matter what they have might done in their lives. Called home and it was my fist time out of 4 of calling home and was so amazing to see eveyone and talk in english lol.

-- Sincerely, Elder Webb​


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