December 5, 2017



December is here...light the world!

This week really had a rough start to it because we couldn't find anyone at home! We got a little frustrated because we want to do so much work but not finding any work to do. Something crazy that happned today as we were teaching one of our a small room one of the family members was there and she was smelling something to get high and it was giving me a headache because of how strong it was. But one of the little kids took the bottle and went to the bathroom and dumped it in the toilet!! GO KID! We were trying so hard not to laugh!

It really is so important that we read and pray everyday even if it may just be a little but it will invite the spirit to be with us throughout the day with everything! We will get things done and i KNOW we can do anything if we give our all!! We need to have our faith and trust in God as we work. We need to work till we can’t work anymore ... we may even fall down but when we do he will help us get right back up and keep going to the end. Yes it’s going to be hard and might feel alone at times but we can do it because we are never alone!

Sometimes the mornings can be so hard because we only have one bathroom and all 4 elders have to get ready. Just trying to all go to the bathroom, eat in our small kitchen and shower before we leave gets pretty crazy!!!

Something we are going to work on more is to get to know the members better. Making more appontments with them and getting to know them one by one and help them if they need any help. I have been in this area for 3 months and i feel bad that i dont know all the members really well. Even in our home wards we should know everyone around us and be a friend to all, trying to help them if they may be going thorugh hard times really making the ward feel as one big family.

Today was a better day, we taught 1 person!! My spanish is getting better and better! i still need to study so that in 2 years i can be perfect!

December!!! It’s time to LIGHT THE WORLD!! i hope you are all doing the light the world!! My companion and I are having a lot of fun doing the light the world and they may be small things but they help others so much!! it really is SO much fun and I invite everyone to give it a try!!! Some times we can be so tired in the day and i know that how i start my day really affects how my day goes!! something i really never thought about before, but having a good start to the day always helps me in one way or another!

One of our investigators works in a tortilla making shop and i really want to learn how to make some tortillas!

Some days we may not be as obiedient as we should be and we may think that it may just small things but in the end it can stop us from receiving blessings!

One of the members just gave us some money to get lunch for the day so as we are normal mexico city missionaries, we go buy tortas (huge sandwiches with a bunch of meat) they are always so good! and HUGE!!! The guy who has the shop is super nice every time we pass him he always says Que tal mis amigos!! (what’s up my friends!!)

Taught a group of women and one of them was so high that we couldn't teach them at all and it really really hard to have the spirit with us.

Finished my study about the christ-like attributes and was really good! i learned so much and i want to invite others to learn more about christ! There is so many things that we can do in the day and we always should have charity, just helping one person everyday. It can be the people closest to us or some stranger, but we should all try to help just one person in the day and work on being better everyday. We watched the christmas devotional in the church and was really good!! It makes me miss the lights at temple square. It really is so different being here!! no snow even though the weather is amazing!! I am loving the weather right now. Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to Light the World!!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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