November 28, 2017



New companion and temple lights

After our district meeting we were walking towards the bank and we decided that we were going to contact everyone that we saw. So we went off and ended up contacting about 100 people in a 15 minute walk. For some reason it felt just helped me a lot to go out and work and not think about what people might think about me.

Virtue is really important to have in our lives. As we are virtuous we will have the spirit to help us throughout our days with anything we may be going through. Even when we are alone and Satan might be tempting us we need to remain virtuous.

Played soccer with some young men and we made a bet with them that if we win we will get to teach them and if they win then we have to give up our ties to all of them. lol it was good that we won by one point lol and the other elders we able to teach them. It really was a lot of fun lol.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We had an amazing breakfast with french toast!! I studied about the importance of having knowledge and we always should be trying to learn more things that will help us in our lives. As we learn to be more spiritual we are going to progress more and more and the spirit will help us to learn more and more but we should always start with a prayer and end with one to invite the spirit to help us learn more and more.

Patience with everything, having hope, faith, and trust. Giving our all to not rush ourselves or the people around us. We know that God with help us with our problems in due time and we should be patient with the people around us, working to see things how they might see things. We should try to think about things the way others do, giving them the time they need to do some things and really just being there to help however we can. It is really important to be reading the book of mormon even if it may be a little everyday. It will invite the spirit in our days and help us and we should apply what we read to our days... to be living the gospel in our lives everyday.

4 MONTHS!!! It is weird to think that i have been away from my house for 4 months. I have really learned a lot and how to work with people that are harder to work with. I’ve studied about humility and it something we always should be thinking about and working one. We should always be open to learn new things even if we may think that we know everything. We should think about not being prideful and really be thankful for everything that may be hard or a hidden blessing in our lives. We will learn a lot about ourseves and how we can become closer to God and how He can help us in our lives.

We helped clean the church for ward conference and it was A LOT of fun. I really became more familiar with the ward and how i can help them to become a stronger ward and see blessings in the ward.

We went to the Temple with Benito and it was really cool because they turned on the lights and it really reminded me about salt lake city. It wasn't the same but it was still really cool!! They had some cool trees set up. We took an uber for the fisrst time to get home lol! it was a lot better than a taxi! and cheaper. Benito really liked the lights and he is really amazing because he will help us at appointments

I got my new companion today, Elder Gamez. He is from Chuwawa Mexico. He speaks perfect english and with this change it has helped me a lot in my progression. I have been teaching him about the area! we also set up a christmas tree!! to get ready for christmas!! We bought some lights to put on it and it really is so AWESOME!!

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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