November 21, 2017



Baptisms and hope

One of the problems that we have here is having our investigators come to church on Sundays. Between all other Elders in this area this whole month none of our investigators has come to church.

We found out that Elder Barron will be training another missionary this next time of transfers. I am a little worried about if i will be changing areas or if i will be in this area for more time and who will be my next companion. I know he will be good whoever he is. As we make promises with the Lord we need to work to keep the promises and we will be blessed so much in our lives. Sometimes we may not see it but we will be blessed! We know that God will keep his promises if we keep ours to him. It is sad that we might not get to see Ruben and Isela be baptized because the possibility of changing the area.

Sleeping on the top bunk can be so hard sometimes lol just because of getting out on bed in the morning. It’s not really easy and kind-of sucks but its okay. Sometimes we will suffer through some things. Some times there are no men in the house of the members that feed us so we have to go to the church to eat our food and it is fine, but it’s always nice talking to the members and getting to know them and how we can help them. We had a baptism of Benito and it was at 8 pm at night and went really well! It was in a SWIMMING POOL!! because at the church we have no gas lol so the water was freezing cold! It was good. A lot of the members came and supported Benito. He has lived here his whole life so a lot of people know him and his family. He really wants to help his family and have them be taught by us which is amazing and we are hoping we can help him with his family. He wants us to teach his brother who is going to be getting out of jail this month i think.

In my personal study i studied about Hope. It was really good and something we should all work on is having hope. With hope we can get through hard times. Also with our faith and trust, but hope really is knowing or hoping that everything will be okay in the end and even though a time may be hard we can get through it by keeping our faith and our trust strong in the Lord. Ate at the church again and it was really good food! still sad about not eating with the members. The days here go by so fast it is crazy! Days here feel like hours sometiems and its really so crazy.

This week was rough just because we didn’t have any new investigators and our president wants us to have 6 every week. It really is a test of our faith to keep on working and giving our all to find people who are ready to listen to us and willing to open up their hearts. We should all try to follow the example of Christ. He is a perfect example and as we follow Him we know we will be on the path to return to God. When we start to go through hard times that is when we need to give our all. Some days here we want to go home early but sometimes in the last hour the last house is when we are blessed. In our lives we will go through a hard time but just really giving all that we can and having the hope things will get better then they will! I know they will, i have seen it so many times here in the mission and i still have more to go in my mission.

QUESTION: How can we become closer to our Heavenly Father in our lives every day? We were able to watch the face to face even though was in Spanish but was really good and i invite all who didnt watch it to watch it and take notes.


I studied about charity and love in my personal study. The scripture Moroni 7:48 was really good for this topic. We all should work to serve others every day and try and understand how they might be thinking or how they see things. Not judging others just because they might be different. Showing our love to all because God will work through us to show his love to others. How can we love others always even when it may be hard? SERVICE!! It really is that as we help them with something our love for them will grow!

The mission is amazing and i love it so much! My Spanish is improving a lot! I love the people here even though the food can be strange. Something crazy here is i guess in these times of the year more and more people are robbing people it is scary but i know the lord will protect me. It is crazy to think about being robbed though!
Sincerely, Elder Webb


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