November 14, 2017




This week We had divisions with the zone leaders and it went really well. We learned how we can improve the area that we are in and how we can work more with the members. We, as missionaries, will do a lot of the work but always need help from the ward to help invite others and help investigators feel more like a family. A recent convert, who is 17, helped us out one day to teach and contact he is really cool and funny! He is preparing to go on a mission and he really is already ready. He wants to serve in a area with a different language.

Being orginized in the mission is so important and should be the same in our lives because we will get a lot more done! And the Lord will help us to be more orginized.

I baptized Hugo Ruiz! it was amazing and hard because well it was in spanish but it was good! Just knowing that i helped someone continue more to christ and helped his family by being a guide for them and having the Holy Ghost to help him made me feel good.

Reyna Y Nave have been investigators for a long time and recently we have been teaching them and they have been progressing we were able to teach them with the bishop (who they know) helped us a lot. It was sad because we had to change their baptismal date to the 23 and it is always hard changing this date which should be so important to them. We ate fried fish ... sadly i don't have a picture but it was the whole fish- head, bones and everything was really good!! Another one of our investigators Benito is amazing to teach. He always is wanting to learn more and he does what we ask him to do and it has helped him to learn more and really progress. He has a baptism date this week, the 16th, and he is so funny. We walked about 2 miles from one appointment to another and we contact about 60 people a day which is a lot! There are so many people here in this area.

We went to the visitor center with Benito which was really good. He enjoyed it a lot and it really helped him with his testimony. Everyone we teach is amazing but it’s more amazing when the people we teach read the pamphlets and the book of mormon and they really want to progress themselves. As we teach people or even members it is important to always have our hearts open to the lord to learn new things and to progress. As we listen to the spirit and stay diligent we will progress so much in the church. The Holy Ghost will really help us to Learn so much more in this life!

​It is very important to have goals and plans. To have a goal that we want to get to and to make our plans to get there and pray to God to help with the goals and plans that have been made. It helps us alot in this work if we have no plans we are not going to progress at all and we will go nowhere. I know that making goals and plans with everything will help us with everything and we will be able to reach the goals that we make and are going for.​

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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