November 7, 2017




This night was crazy because of Día de los muertos! There were a lot of kids out all dressed up like halloween going out and asking for candy! We passed one of our recent converts and she gave us some of her grand children’s candy lol. They candy here is the same but a lot have the chili powder which i like but is way different. We had our interviews with the president and it went really well! We talked about how we can teach more with questions and the holy ghost. We also talked about how we can find the people that have been prepared to listen to the gospel. We weren't able to find anyone at home because they were all out with their kids asking for candy.
​We had divisions again so it was Elder astle and me alone in mexico with okay spanish lol. It went well though...we actually were able to find 3 new investigators which was really good! I really learned just to go for things and give my all and we will be helped through anything! Some one stopped us and talked in english. He was saying he is a gangster and if we needed anything to call him because no one else here speaks english, and he is from the us and misses speaking english. He was very cool but said he is Catholic and not really wanting to change his religion. We also ended up talking to a taxi driver for an hour outside our house. He was the only one who would stop for us and he said it’s because we are white.
Only when i am able to have the fan blowing on me in the nights am i able to actully get good sleep. Even though i am learning to go to sleep with it being hot. Something i have been thinking about is the confence talk of Thomas S Monson and how the Book of Mormon can protect us as we read and gain a testimony of the book. There are so many things that we can learn thorught the book of mormon. As i do my personal study there are so many things that i have learned that i can apply to my life and the missonary work. As we read the book of mormon we should always be looking for ways to apply it in our lives. We taught Hugo and his family about the importance to read the book of mormon and how it will strenghin him and his family as they read and apply the things they learn to their lives. He is being baptized this Thursday and we asked how he is feeling and he said excited because he really wants to have the gift of the holy ghost in his life. We all should be striving to have the holy ghost in our lives to be a guide and to help us understand and recever or build our testimony
Some days can be easy here and some can be so hard with walking a lot or how many things we have to do in the day. Some days the sun can be so strong and hot that we look all the time for shade to walk in. ​My spanish is really improving a lot and people are able to understand me a lot more. When we have times where the spirit is not in the lessons we can’t teach at all. Because without the spirit they are not going to learn anything and we can’t teach anything. Benito is one of our only investigators who has been doing the things we ask him to do; like read or continue praying and he really is always wanting to learn more from us and in every lesson the spirit is always there and always teaching him and testifying to him.
I bore my testimony in church today and it was very simple and slow. But i loved having the opertunity to bear my testimony. We need to not have any doubts about the church if we do we should always ask God and he will help us. When we have doubts it can slowly destroy our faith and we may not see it until it is too late.
We should always, everyday, be looking for ways to serve the people that are around us. Even if it is something small to them, to God it will be something big! As we always strive to keep the commandments in our lives we will be blessed and the holy ghost will guide us and keep us safe. The other elders in our area got robbed! it was crazy i guess because they didn’t say much just kind of took their stuff and looked everywhere on them for money. One of our investigators said these next 2 months are very dangerous and a lot of people get robbed or are robbing others to have more money to buy more things.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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