October 5, 2017




We were giving a new goal for our mission: it is to get three directions everyday and it really can be hard because everything really goes by so fast! I studied today about the Holy Ghost and i really learned how important it is to have in our lives; how much it will help us and how much we can learn and how important as a missionary it is to have! Some people are hard to teach when they won’t really open their hearts to listen they will open their ears which is good but not their hearts and it is sad sometimes.
​My spanish​ is improving a lot but my understanding what they are saying is really hard. Some days i feel bad when i have to ask over and over to repeat what’s been said. It is good that people are patient with me and work to try and describe what they said so i can understand. Our investigators Jairo and Daisy they have been investigating the church for a long time but really only thing stopping them is not being married. I guess Daisy doesn’t know for sure that she wants to marry him but i guess it’s really complicated. They come to church sometimes and progress well and always have questions for us. It is really amazing how through god anything is possible all of our hard times will be made easy and he will always help us if we turn and ask him for help.
Simon. we had an amazing experience with simon. He is on of our new investigators we meet him this day and he stopped by the church and was admiring the construction of the church and when we contacted him he asked us how he can enter into the church. He said he just felt really tired by us so he stoped so we invited him in and his face was just amazing to see because he loves just how the church looked. He is only living in our area for a small amout of time his family lives somewhere else but as he works construction he is always really gone working. we taught him the resturation of our church and i learned something as we were teaching him. when christ died the church was destroyed but as the restoration happened and when we restore a building after an earth quake we make it stronger. Looks the same but just is stronger. In these days heavenly father restored his church it looks and all is the same just stronger it is stronger with the book of mormon that really is only new thing that is why in these days we should be reading the book of mormon and studying it and building our testimony every day!
The nights really go by so fast here. Some times it feels like i only sleep for about 10 miniuts it really is crazy. After the experience with simon i study more about the importance of the book of mormon in our lives and to be continiong to be like Jesus Christ. We recieved a new goal it is 6 new investigators every week... it was 4 but now it is 6 it really means we just have to work harder and harder really giving our all.
So many people bore their testimony this sunday i didnt even have the chance to go up it really was so crazy. We went to the visitor center with an investigator and it went really well the things they have there really is amazing to be able to take the investigators there so they can see and temple and really learn more.
We didn’t teach anyone today we went and tried to find people at home and no one was home so we contacted all day long trying to find new investigators. We were supposed to teach simon but he works so much that somedays he can’t meet with us just because of how much he works and how much he has to get done. There really is so much work to do here is is crazy how many people there are we really never ever contact the same person twice. i stuggle with remembering names of people here.

Sincerely, Elder Webb


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