September 28, 2017



2 down 22 to go

Had a rough night sleep. At 3 in the morning, because it was so hot, I grabbed the fan in our house. Because I am on the top bunk, I had to grab it and lay it across my bed at the end and hold it with my foot.
We had a meeting with the mission president and we had to bring our folders but we forgot ours, so we had to go an hour there and an hour back to get our folders. It was not fun. On the way back to our area after our meeting I got hit by a car mirror. It scared me but I have the mirror because the person didn’t stop. I wasn’t hurt at all but if any more of the car would have hit me it wouldn’t have been very good.
I made a way for the fan to blow on me all night long so I hope my nights will become better. As we were contacting on the street we met a man named Gabriel. He was a very cool man. He was super nice and sweet! He is Catholic but said he would listen to us because we believe in the same God. We gave him a pamphlet about the restoration and he has read it all. We have an appointment with him Wednesday and it should go well. As we were walking back home a woman gave us a bag of ties for free!! Now I have 2 new ties! She wasn’t even a member of the church. We also played some soccer with a group of young men at the church. It was four missionaries – three American and me and we beat them every time. They aren’t members but we love playing with them and we all talked to them and invited them to church.
We had a meeting with the president, the trainers, and all new missionaries so I got to see my missionaries from my first district at the MTC. My first companion wasn’t there because he went home- I guess he had some things that he had to take care of. I was kinda sad when I found out. Today we also cleaned the baptismal font for other missionaries. That was a lot of fun lol. It takes so long to fill because of how slow the water boils. It can take over 2 hours just to fill it.
My district of four teaches recent converts and me and elder Astles began the lesson this time and it was good. I really learned a lot lol.
This night went by really fast!! I fell my time here is fast somedays. This week has really gone by so fast, it’s been crazy! We had a small earthquake in the morning which was weird and made my head kind of spin.
This was a better Sunday than the last one just because we actually taught some people. We taught Daisy and her family and her boyfriend. He comes to church with their kids and she usually does also but when we taught them they knew a lot but also had a lot of questions which was really good. He had me give the end prayer in English and it really was kind of hard…I had to think about the words a lot.
2 months!!! The time has gone by so fast. 22 more months to go lol. In 2 days we have a baptism. Her name is Eva and we gave her a blessing because she was feeling sick which is no fun here.

Love you all!
Elder Webb


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