September 20, 2017



A week with a scary earthquake

Wednesday -

First zone conference was good, but it was hard to understand, just because it was in Spanish. lol I have so much to learn!! On the way to the conference we took a bus. It was crazy!! So many people on one small bus and there are so many speed bumps. They always go over them so fast - I thought I was going to break something!

Thursday -

In really only a few weeks, I have learned so much Spanish. Maybe that is just because my companion is Latino and I need to learn so that we can talk with each other and get things done lol. I know that I really have so much to learn. A lot of times it can be hard for me to understand what people are saying when they talk to me. I usually have to ask for them to say it again. I feel bad. We had a meeting with the bishop this day and it was good because the whole time all we did was play soccer with him and some members. It was a lot of fun! The kids here are amazing although I feel like I am going to crush them haha. I gave my first blessing in Spanish. Their names here are so hard and it was just a little girl. She was just a little sick so it wasn't major sickness but it was really so different. We were 30 minutes late getting home and the zone leaders weren't so happy with us. I felt bad but we didn't have money for a taxi and no member would answer so we could ask for a ride.

Friday -

In my personal study I studied Lehi's vision. It was really good. Something I learned was we all have times where we feel like we are in the dark and times where we might not be able to find a way out but God has a way to help us. Through revelation, the Book of Mormon, or when we pray - something like that acts like an iron rod in our lives and that could really be anything that God puts in our lives.

Saturday -

I don't know what I ate yesterday but my stomach this morning was killing me so bad! By the middle of the day it was better. I was so happy! This day was a hard day because all we did was contact because everyone was having fiestas or parties so they really didn't want to talk to us. The mission leader in our ward - his wife says that I look like their son who is on a mission right now. lol

Sunday -

Good day of church but it was another slow day because I feel like no one was home or no one was wanting to talk to us because all we did was walk around and contact. We contacted 60 people in one day and that is our god for every day. Other than that all it was was walking and contacting.

Tuesday -

Today was CRAZY!! We were washing our clothes when there was an earthquake. I felt like a drunk man because I couldn't even walk straight. It was kind of scary because everything was moving back and forth. It was kind of cool but very scary!!


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