July 25, 2022


Freiberg, Saxony, Germany


Update Letter #3 - Happy P-Day - It's Hot Here, Too!

Greetings dear family and friends!
We hope since our last update letter everyone is doing well and enduring the hot summer days (and perhaps adding some water for relief). We are reminded of the heatwaves all around the US and Europe and feel like we are in a wonderful weather bubble where we've only seen temps in the 90s 2x since we arrived - and today is one of those days!
Because it started out so warm today, we quickly did laundry and housecleaning so we could get outside to do some shopping in the Altstadt, enjoy some yummy soup at our new favorite place, and then get back home before it got too hot. We were successful on all points . .. except for the getting home before it got too hot part.
We are loving the food, weather, the friendly people and are learning more and more each and every day of every week. We still don't have language tutors, but we have a Zoom meeting this evening to discuss everyone's situation.
Jack and I continue to serve as baptistry coordinators and we are feeling more and more comfortable. We especially enjoy that we can be with so many youth - they continue to amaze me with their steadfast faith and determination to serve especially when so many are experiencing dark times in their homelands. No matter, they are "lights" here and we love each one of them. I think we would be happy serving exclusively in the baptistry for the next 17 months!
I shared that we are loving the food - and to add to that - the prices! We thought that the costs of food would be as high or higher than in the States, but for the most part, the food prices are really reasonable. Jack and I had a light dinner the other night, with a beverage, for about 7 euro - total! My favorite things though - the fruit and flowers! The fruit from the stores is absolutely delicious and not expensive. The flowers are gorgeous - and cheap! I saw a woman walk away with a large hydrangea plant this morning - 9.99 euros!
Since we are inside much of the day, we try to get out each evening for a walk - the evenings are usually so pleasant and we are finding lots of trails. Yesterday we found ourselves in the Freiberg City Forest! Lots of trees and shade - and lots of folks on bikes with bells on their handlebars!
Well, I think that about brings you up-to-date with us. We continue to both be blessed with health! As a matter of fact, about a month before we left home, I was having some pain and swelling in my left leg and foot. By the time we arrived I thought perhaps it was a stress fracture from some unknown cause - maybe my flip flops? Anyhoo - I was concerned it might get worse once I started being on my feet all day. But the opposite has occurred! Within about 10 days after arriving, I noticed the pain and swelling going down. Since that time - I feel only a tinge of left over soreness but no swelling - even with all the walking we do throughout the day! Yep! Feeling very blessed!
Ok - gotta run - avocado toast for dinner tonight!
With love to you all - thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
Jack & Loretta


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