March 6, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Beeson

MTC Veteran

March 6, 2017


This was another wonderful week at the MTC! Last Monday we had a Skype lesson with a member from Hong Kong that went super well. It was so cool that we could feel the spirit while talking to someone who is thousands of miles away.

In other news, we got a new Mandarin and a new Cantonese district in this week so we finally have more people to speak to. Looking at the new elders and sisters who just came in it is so cool to see how much we've learned in the past 7 weeks. The gift of tongues is REAL!

It's crazy that I've been here 7 weeks I feel like I've spent my entire life here but at the same time it also feels like I just got here. I'll probably be headed to Hong Kong in two weeks as long as the visa is all good, but we should be getting flight plans this week so hopefully everything is good.

We had mission conference this weekend and we learned tons but mostly the spirit was super strong there. It’s amazing to be in a meeting of 1000 missionaries who are all fasting at the same time. Missions are amazing and I can't wait to get to China to spread the good news!

加油 Gaayau,
Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1-Elder Ashton reported that of the new elders arriving at the MTC this week, 3 were going Cantonese speaking and 2 were going Mandarin speaking. Sounds like his district has been pegged as “good at teaching” so that sounds like a good thing!

Fun fact 2-Sacrament meeting for Elder Ashton is basically with his zone, which is about the size of a branch. And it’s English speaking because they have both Mandarin and Cantonese missionaries in the zone.

Fun fact 3-He’s enjoying choir, usually sings baritone or bass, and his fav song is “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer.”


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