February 20, 2017


Provo MTC


Elder Beeson

One month anniversary

Feb 20, 2017


So this week marks one whole month on my mission. Since arriving here I've learned sooooo much and my testimony has grown explosively. I thought I knew a fair amount about the gospel, however, I've realized that my understanding only scratches the surface. While the MTC food can be deplorable at times the blessings of missionary service are incredible. This week we've been loaded with lessons and my companion and I have started to try asking more questions rather than lecturing; as we ask questions that make our investigator think the spirit comes and does the teaching for us.

This week I spent some time reading in 3rd Nephi. In chapter 13 Jesus is talking to his disciples and he tells them to think not for food and raiment and later tells them to "seek ye first the kingdom of God" and as they trust in God they will be provided for. Jesus tells them to consider the lilies of the field how they toil not. As we live our lives do we spend our time toiling over the things of the world and let them distract us from the things the lord wants us to do? As we follow the lord in faith he will provide for us. In the words of Yehsou Geiduk "Gancheung Ngoh" (follow me).

Also, this week we were lucky enough to hear from M. Russell Ballard who taught us about setting righteous goals and doing our best. He told us that every day we build a life and that we can either build a rickety, weak life or a beautiful, well-constructed life that people will marvel at. We can make our lives beautiful by setting righteous goals that will help us eternally and the Lord will bless us when we do.

Gaa yau (Pronouced "Guy ow" it means add oil or keep going)

Elder Ashton

P.S. I got to see the Easter video early and it is great!

Fun Fact 1: Elder Ashton and his zone are doing a workout every Friday that sounds rough: 1 mile run followed by 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and then another mile! He said it was hard but kinda fun.

Fun fact 2: He hasn't heard yet on his visa, but also didn't seem concerned. It's submitted to the Hong Kong government and that's all he knows.


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