January 7, 2019


Kwai Chung


Elder Jepsen

1 Hour Church!!!

Hey everyone!

This week was yet another great week here in Hong Kong! As you can tell by the subject line, we took things to the max here and instead of cutting an hour off church we cut two hours off and just held sacrament meeting.

What really happened though, was the 2nd floor of the chapel flooded so we couldn't hold Sunday school. It was kinda funny though, the bishop got up and said well I guess this is a good opportunity to start the home centered study. It ended up working out really well though because after church we had some extra time to meet with a person that we had been struggling to schedule.

Also, this week was temple week! Like always, I learned a lot. It is honestly such a blessing to have a temple near by. I'm really excited to go more frequently when I return home. As I was sitting in personal study the next day, I realized that I learned so much at the temple that I couldn't even remember all that I had learned. The temple is such a blessing in our lives and such a great way to come closer to the Lord. I hope you all can make it to the temple more often this year.

Anyway, I am having the time of my life out here and the work is great even when it is difficult. Hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Ashton

P.S. For any non-members of the LDS faith- the church just changed our regular Sunday meeting schedule to go from 3 hours each Sunday to 2 hours.

Fun fact 1: He and his companion get along great. He says that Elder Jepsen has a lot of energy and they have a good time together.

Fun fact 2: One of the things he loves the most about Hong Kong is how many people from different cultures he gets to meet-everywhere from Zimbabwe to Thailand, to Taiwan and Australia, the US, the UK and the Philippines.

Fun fact 3: He has less than 3 weeks left and said he was going to go out souvenir hunting today.

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Elder Joel Ashton
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Thank you for your prayers and support!


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