November 26, 2018


Kwun Tong


Elder Rodriguez

Thanksgiving and Exchanges


This week was a fantastic one here in Kwun Tong! This week was full of fun stuff: we had interviews with the mission president, celebrated thanksgiving, and did some missionary work. It's pretty weird to think about because during this last interview I had to renew my temple recommend. It hardly feels like it's been 2 years, time flies. We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.

Also we had a pretty neat experience this week. We were out finding and we had a one and a half hour window to find. After an hour that wasn't super successful, we sat down and said a prayer, after that we decided to go down a street and literally the first guy we tried to stop sat down right then and there and heard a street lesson, then as we were getting ready to head back to English class we ran into this one lady who seems super prepared.The contact ended up being around 30-45 mins and she came to church with us on Sunday. She is now scheduled for 3 more lessons this week!

It is amazing how the Lord prepares people for the Gospel. The hardest part is humbling ourselves enough to follow the will of the Lord and do things His way rather than relying on our own intelligence.

Other than that this week was pretty good I went on exchanges with elder Robinson, who is a super solid missionary, and we gave a training about the Light the World campaign in church Yesterday! Light the World is such a great opportunity to share the best gift ever with people, and that gift is Jesus Christ his example and Gospel are the best thing that has ever happened to this world! Hope you have a great week!光照世人!!!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: You can find out about the Light the World campaign, complete with ideas on how you can serve others this holiday season at

Fun fact 2: He said the potatoes worked. They were in charge of mashed potatoes for their Thanksgiving. I guess the sister missionaries gave them tips on how to do it.

Fun fact 3: He asked about whether or not we have tapioca pearls here. He said they put them in a drink called bubble tea which I guess is good, but he said they have chocolate and banana flavored milk that the pearls go in as well.

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