October 15, 2018


Kwun Tong


Elder Rodriguez



This week has been another fantastic one here in the China Hong Kong Mission. This week was full of exciting things especially, conference.

This week we also had interviews with the President, went to the temple, and I went on exchanges to my first area. It was kind of funny. I was on exchanges and I ran into a couple members from Tseung Kwan O and they were all like "What you're back???" and then during conference a bunch of them were like "Oh you moved to back again?" I love this stake! The members here in Kowloon East are great!

Anyway, the temple, as always, was fantastic. President Nelson said "Building and maintaining temples may not change your life, but spending your time in the temple surely will." It is really true. The Temple is such a great place to go to find peace and strength in the midst of the challenges all around us.

Also, I LOVED conference this week. Conference is like Christmas coming early for missionaries! One thing I thought was interesting was the emphasis on taking upon ourselves the name of Christ. There were 2 talks specifically about the topic and President Nelson pointed out that as a church we need to do a better job of making Christ a priority in everything we do including what we call ourselves. I was talking to a member and he was telling us about how he doesn't like it so much when people just talk about how they are Christians but when people manifest through their actions that they are true disciples of Christ.

I really enjoyed the story by Elder Robert C. Gay about Elder Talmage ministering to a family suffering from Diphtheria. True disciples of Christ forget themselves and serve those in need even if it is inconvenient or hard for them to do. To paraphrase president Nelson, "What's in a name? In the case of our discipleship everything!"

Anyway, hope all of my rambling makes sense. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: His email was kind of short because his mom sent him so many pictures to look through from their trip to Italy. Whoops! :)

Fun fact 2: The talk he referenced about Elder Talmage can be found here:

Fun fact 3: His apartment is in a building called "Yen Fu Mansion" which, I think must mean that they're big buildings because if you google it, they don't really look like mansions. :D

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