October 1, 2018


Kwun Tong


Elder Rodriguez

BBQ party!!!


So this week was a pretty great week here in Kwun Tong area. This week has been pretty cool lots of finding and teaching so things were good!

One thing Elder Rodriguez and I have been focusing on has been scheduling people we meet on the street, and it's been pretty successful. Also, this week the Jehovah's Witnesses snuck into our building and tried to proselyte to us. :)

Also, today we had a ward BBQ in Tai Mei Tuk, it was super fun but I got a little sunburned. This week I spent some time studying hope. It was pretty interesting in the True to the Faith manual it defines hope as being "sure unwavering and active." A lot of people think that if we have hope it implies a possibility of not getting a result, however, in terms of the Gospel we can have an assurance of hope and we don't have to doubt. With true hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be sure of the Lord's promises and that hope will allow us to endure trials with faith!

Anyway, things are going great here, I'll have to keep today's email short because I am running out of time.

Have a great week! Add Oil!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: He went and got roach poison and sent pictures-because we love dying roach art. Haha.

Fun fact 2: He says they live on the 7th floor. Also, he said "not many rats in the apartment at least, but the street has them sometimes." Ick!

Fun fact 3: When mom talked about birthday cake, he said he missed American cake.

Fun fact 4: Direct quote after we updated him on the Rockies making it to post season and the USU stats: "Go Rockies and USU WOOOOO!!!"

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