August 20, 2018


Kowloon City


Elder Bell

Teaching and finding!


This week like every other week as a missionary has been pretty great! Not too much crazy has been going on but things are going well.

This week we had zone conference which was pretty cool. We spent some time talking about repentance and how to teach it better. I also had to give a training on using time wisely.

One thing that President Phillips mentioned was that if we don't teach repentance it can leave a crack in the persons spiritual foundation. If a house has a cracked foundation it can usually stay standing during fair weather, but when storms come the house may have some serious issues or even be destroyed due to the crack. The same principle applies to members of the church. If we have a strong foundation of faith and repentance we will be able to stand strong in the storms of life. However, if we don't know how to repent or if our faith is week, our testimonies may topple when trials come.

Also, this week we taught a lesson with an investigator who is so solid! We taught him all of the commandments and he accepted all of them. Some people are just so prepared!

Anyway, hope y'all have a good week!

Elder Ashton

Fun fact 1: Pretty short letters from Elder Ashton this week-I think they've been busy.

Fun fact 2: The weather this week is rainy, and he said that there doesn't seem to be a particular pattern or time of day but it pours when it rains.

Fun fact 3: He is excited to hear his brother is taking 化學 (chemistry) this fall. Elder Ashton is a Chemistry major when he gets back-and so it's not that surprising that he knows the Chinese symbols for that haha!

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