April 16, 2018


Sheung Shui


Elder Finch

Zone Conference a singing Companion and...Smartphones

Hey Everybody,

This week was a fantastic one here in the famous Sheung Shui. Things are going great here! This week was full of finding, teaching, and learning.

This week we also had zone conference, and my companion sang at a fireside for Lion Rock stake. So zone conference was fantastic but it was a little different than normal. Usually we have a bunch of training from different mission leaders, but this time president Lam had us watch the 2016 worldwide missionary broadcast which a large majority of the missionaries hadn't seen it. I hadn't seen it in a while and it was really good.

One thing that came up in our discussion following the broadcast was about how we can help people with both temporal and spiritual needs. One thought that came was about how important the gift of the Holy Ghost is. While we do have lots of organizations to help with temporal needs I feel like one of the best things we have is the Holy Ghost. With it we'll know how to act in troubled times, and can be comforted in times of need.

I took some time to think of what life would be like without the Church and I came to the conclusion that it would be crazy hard. Life is hard enough, and the Church is here to help. It's amazing how wherever you go there are people willing to reach out with Christlike love.

Also, every zone conference we break halfway through for lunch and right after lunch President Lam, cool as a cucumber, told us "Oh, by the way the Asia area office has approved smart phones for use in the China Hong Kong Mission." LOL, I love President Lam!

Also, the new comp, Elder Finch, is pretty chill so things are going great!

Hope Y'all have a 非常之好 week! 加油!

Elder Ashton 歐長老

Fun fact 1: Elder Ashton finally was able to send pictures-and of course, they are all from about two weeks ago with his previous companion, Elder Dudfield. But still fun!

Fun fact 2: He says he is doing great-that it is hard to write letters with much focus because they're in Apple stores usually! (which explains the not super long letters sometimes)

Fun fact 3: Even in Hong Kong they have preachers of other faiths wanting to argue with them! Apparently one recently keeps harassing them. And it must be pretty animated to bug Elder Ashton! He's normally pretty relaxed about that kind of thing!

Fun fact 4: He says his new companion, Elder Finch, has a really nice voice. :)

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Elder Joel Ashton
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Thank you for your prayers and support!


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