July 19, 2017


Mexico City MTC


Elder White

Group Email

Hey Everyone!

So not much special happened this week! I will just give a short overview of what happened!

Thanks mom for the packages and letter! I really enjoyed it all! I sent some pictures of it so thank you a lot for that! I especially liked the nacho stuff but maybe not that much food again cause im trying to not gain weight! But thank you so much!

My Latino friends left this week so that was sad! We played soccer with them pretty much every day but now we play more basketball! We have been exercising a lot which is way nice! We wake up at 6 and go to the gym real quick and then head to get ready at 6:30. We also play lots of basketball during our gym time!

My Spanish is coming along good! I am able to teach in fully Spanish with only the Book of Mormon so that is way cool! It is hard to stay motivated though because it has gotten a lot tougher to feel like i am progressing cause we progressed so fast at the start!

We went to the temple today which was super cool! We wore the headphones because the session was in Spanish so that was interesting! I loved feeling the spirit there! The city out here is so different from Utah. It is super dirty, loud, and there are fireworks or bombs every morning at about 5...

I am getting super close with my companion which is amazing! At first I was a little worried but we laugh so much and just really get along! Our district is starting to become less motivated so we are pushing each other to learn more!

Since we wake up at about 5:50, we try to get to bed at 10, but there is a bright light that keeps us up until 10:30 when it turns off. We got creative last night and rigged up that blanket covering thing so now it is way dark! That was quite the adventure and way fun!

The food here is good! I enjoy it but im worried im getting less healthy cause it is a lot of meat, sugar, and beans and rice! My companion and i are eating bread, peanut butter, with nuts and raisins on top for a big part of our breakfast now!

I am playing the piano in sacrament now which is a lot stressful because it has been so long but Im excited to be able to!

What do you all want pictures of??? Tell me so I know.

To end this is more focused towards missionaries or missionaries with their call but read Doctrine and Covenants 15 and 16 and see how the name is the only difference. In the heading of 15 it talks about how the call is "personal", so go read the rest of the call. It is a letter from the Prophet so it is really important. That is what we were challenged to do and it was pretty cool!

That's it for this week! I love you all.

Elder Jens Jorgensen


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