January 11, 2016



Jef's email

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<b>I done been had a good week</b>

Hellothe subject line (in bold) is strictly Baltimore slang haha

This week we found 2 new investigators, Nick Molling and Michael Hartman.
Nick MollingNick referred himself to get a Book of Mormon. He likes to study religion and is Baptist, but he himself said he is done being Baptist because they are not right. We met with him on Tuesday and he started out by saying "my girlfriend and I were talking about it and thought it would be cool to raise our kids Mormon". He is very knowledgeable in the Bible. It was a good meeting and he came to church yesterday. At church he said that he was in 2nd Nephi already. He took home a gospel principals manual and a Bible with the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary (for better studies). This is all coming from a 28 year old Attorney who has his own firm already. oh one of the other cool things he said was " when I ordered the Book of Mormon it said missionaries are being sent to deliver your copy. I felt like I had so much power so I sent them to some of my friends too".
Michael HartmanMichael is an 18 year old that just graduated and works at a rollerskating rink. His father is a less active member that we were stopping by to visit and ended up meeting Michael. He had us in and said he wanted to learn more. We taught him how to pray and set up to come back tonight at 7. Nothing too crazy there but he is a cool kid.
I went on exchanges with Elder Peneyra this weekend. He is serving in the Chesapeake Ward as well so he pretty much just slept in a different apartment for a night. It was pretty fun though. He is from Auburn Washington so we had a lot to talk about. He has been out for 14 months so he is on that down hill slide now too. We started out by helping a member move out of the ward. That went pretty well except for the fact that missionaries were the only ones that showed up to help. Good thing we have 3 sets of Elders in the ward. They got everyone pizza and it was a good move. We stopped by some referrals with no luck. So we visited a potential named Benita that let us in. She wasn't grasping to much of what we were saying and just wanted to argue doctrine. We ended up just bearing testimony and 'peacing out.' Then we got some Wendy's Frosties and called it a night.
Well yeah that was the weekLove ya'llElder Moss


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