December 7, 2015



Jefreys email

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Well HelloThis week was spent in brisk weather.I went on exchanges to Brunswick with Elder Parkin. He is still in his first 12 weeks of training but doing a great job. We were without a car so we walked everywhere¬†ūüôܬ†the joys of walking.¬†Elder Parkin is from Idaho, some small town there. We got to talk quite a bit since we were walking everywhere. It was good (builds character in a man + I slept well)¬†Wednesday¬†Elder Chee came and picked me up. We went to Pep Boys at 12 for an oil change and didn't get our car back till 5¬†ūüė¶.¬†We were in Frederick outside of our area but after waiting for a decent amount of time we decided to go contact near by. Such a good idea because the time moved quicker that way and we didn't feel lazy anymore.¬†The Eakins took us out for dinner that night to J&P's pizza Good StuffThursday¬†must not have been to memorable because well...I don't remember what happened that day.Friday¬†we had Leadership Council in Walkersville.¬†President Christiansen, as a joke, said that for Christmas¬†we should watch the new Star Wars.¬†Sick Joke....I was pretty excited for a few seconds but¬†those feelings were dashed away quickly.After Leadership we went up to Westminster to meet with some Elders (thats about all I'll say about that).¬†
Then we visited the Myricks. They are a great less active family that just needs a little push. His two youngest daughters love it when we stop by. Makena asked if we were her friends last time and after we said yes she exclaimed "yay" haha
We ate alone this night.....Saturday we got to see the Basenbacks sort of. Katherine wasn't feeling well and Tony was working on the kitchen. We just ended up reading the Book of Mormon with Josh. But that went well so thats good. We had dinner with the Denikers and the fed us venison and rice and a ton of other stuff. They always make a lot of food. We visited the Mullins as well and they gave us pizza and cookies. We also talked about Moroni 6:8 which was good as well.
Sunday we got up super early for our Stake Coodination meeting at the Stake Center. Elder Chee and I said all of maybe 8 words the whole meeting (our presence was needed)Church went well but the Basenback didn't come (booo)
Since it was Fast Sunday when we went home for lunch I took a splendid nap (I felt the need to add're welcome)
We saw the Pearsons and Bro Had some back spasms so we were able to give him a blessing (good timing on the Lords part sending us there) We had dinner with the Lewis' and they made a ham dinner. I'm still full from that. It was so stinking good. Then we went to the Church and watched the Christmas Devotional which was very good, might I add.
That was the week.¬†We have been listening to a lot of Christmas music¬†and I am so glad my companion, Elder Chee,¬†likes listening to it as much as I doūüĆ≤‚ĚĄ.
Love you all! Have a great weekElder Moss

PS Elder Chee forgot his camera at the apartment and I didn't take any pictures on my camera this week
Since Jefrey sent no pictures I through in some flash backs pictures he took in August- Hope you like them


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