November 30, 2015



Jefreys email

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Earlier in the week we were still on bikes. So loads of fun had there :]Wednesday we got the car back finally. Just in time for the Holiday.Turkey bowl!!!I haven't played football in a while so it was good to run around and act like we knew what we were doing. They decided to play with all the kids. So it was sort of chaotic but it kept it from getting to competitive. Also I'm happy to report no injuries from the game :DWe had Thanksgiving dinner at the Stulls. We went over early and watched Fantastic Mr Fox on their big screen. There was tons of food, so good. Then we went to the Stake Center (Church building in Frederick) and played Volleyball as a zone. Good DayThe Basenbacks are in Texas till the 4th. So no lessons to report on this week there.Since we have our car back and a ton of miles we didn't use the whole week we didn't have it, we have been going to the far reaches of the area to meet people we normally don't get out to.This week didn't have much going on, especially with the Holiday in the middle of it.If any of you haven't seen the new Christmas video the church put out I would encourage you to watch it  <a href="" target="_blank"></a> It is really good. There is like a teaser and then the one I really like is called Imagine A World Without A Savior. Really goodGo and watchOkay everyone have a great week. Ve e gana Love youElder MossWe found a couch on the side of the road :D
my Turkey bowl attire 


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