November 29, 2015



Jefrey's email

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Well we had a lot of good sleep this week because we were without a car. Actually we are still without a car till Wednesday.We did a lot of biking. Not quite sure how much but lets just say my legs are looking good.Last Monday we went into Columbia to play basketball with a bunch of mission buddies. That was some pretty good ball. We were having a good time till Elder Wind rolled his ankle really bad. Either way we played for like two and a half hours.The Basenbacks are doing swell. We taught them about the law of tithing and fast offerings. They grasped everything very well and committed to live them :D They left for Texas yesterday and won't be back for 10 days. Everyone at church is asking about them now but can't seem to say their name right. Apparently it is hard to pronounce (shoulder shrug).We helped Bro Filmore get rid of a bunch of branches. He cut down 2 massive trees so he got a wood chipper and we helped him out with that. Not gonna lie it is a lot of fun watching big branches get ground down to a pile of wood chips.Last night we had a bon-fire with our landlord Ted. We needed to burn a chest of drawers. It was pretty fun but now all my stuff smells like smoke, not the bad kind though.Shoot I'm wracking my brain trying to think of other things to tell you about but nothing is there.:DSo for Thanksgiving we got the okay to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox. I'm so stinking ready to watch my favorite movie :)The picture of us in the car from Left to right is Elder Neilsen Me Elder Chee and Elder BensenWe found a good place to take silhouette picsAnd the firetill next week :DLove youElder Moss :D
We were out with Bro Hall (he is a detective so he is always packing heat) and saw a deer that had been clipped and was suffering. We pulled over he got out, with the the numerous other people that had got out to watch, he asked a guy if he wanted the meat and when the guy said yes he shot the deer and left it for the man. 


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