June 30, 2015



Jefrey's email

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Well I'm not sure how to start...Hello!Wednesday was an all day experience. Bro Allen picked us up at 6am to go to Columbia for Transfers. Not only was Elder Peacock leaving but so was President and Sister Richards. It was a long Transfer meeting. Afterwards we all got together (the whole mission) and took a photo. Crazy big group of people. And then just like it all started I was off, back to my area with Elder McRae.Elder Mcrae is from Farmington Utah. He came out one transfer after me (July 29 2014 same time as Elder Mumm). We are pretty much at the same point in our missions and loving it. He is super good at Kendama (look it up). We have had so much fun these last few days because we have pretty much the same personality. It is awesome. I hope we get more than just this transfer to be companions.We have just been going around introducing Elder McRae to everyone. Not much to report on there.Deb Tucker is still doing well. She is working on quiting smoking still so yeah! go Deb go and I can't remember if I mentioned this already but she is working towards baptism on the 25th of July :DWe haven't been able to see the Geiger's for two weeks now. They aren't dodging or anything. They have just been sick or had stuff come up which is a bummer cause they are so awesome.Nothing to crazy to share this weekOh on our way back from transfers Wednesday, we saw a car off to the side of the road with a flat on their horse trailer. We pulled off and helped them change it. That was pretty fun! Brother Allen is the man and was actually the one that pointed it out. When we got going on the road again he just said how much he loves changing tires haha. What a boss!Okay yupLove y'allElder Moss


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