October 29, 2019


Seven Hills and Summit Wards


Elder Jorgenson

Week 2 After Transfers

Week 2 of the new transfer! This week so far has flown by. I usually come home at night and write down what's happened for the day but we've been so busy this week I've been forgetting to do it. So now its Friday and I'm going to try to remember what's happened over the last couple of days.

Tuesday night we had a the Summit ward Trunk or Treat and it was so much fun! We had so much chili and cornbread it was ridiculous. We set up our own "trunk" on the back of Brother Browns truck and handed out m&ms on them was a paper that said members plus missionaries equal good ministering. Courtesy of my mom of course. Where we had parked we were right next to some of the priest in the ward and it was a lot of fun.

Wednesday was kind of a long day in the beginning but when we went out we were able to go over the Brother Leavettes house and talk to him and his wife. We had a very looong lesson about the plan of salvation and who all gets "second chances."

Thursday was elder Jorgensen's year mark so Brother Humphries took us out to lunch at chili's! And every time we are with Brother Humphries we have to go to fiiz it's his rule. Then we went back to the apartment and had weekly planning this weeks weekly planning wasn't bad, we actually had people to plan for so it made it better than usual.

Friday we had district council in the morning and our district leader said we needed to find a ride this week, so we asked Brother Anderson to take us and it's always fun riding with him because he plays the best approved music. When we got back from district council Brother Humphries texted and asked if we wanted lunch from the waffle truck. We can't tell him no, so look for my picture on that missionaries mom facebook page haha! Then of course we had Fiiz and had him drop us off at the apartments we were headed to. Every door we knocked on didn't answer. So we were done with everything we had planned and still had time before we had to head home. So I said let's go up to that neighborhood that we didn't have chance to contact the members in last week. So we rode up the hill and got into this neighborhood and I asked elder Jorgensen you want to start at the front or the back? He said he didn't know so I said ok were going to the back and working our way forward. We made contact with who we thought was an active member and we set up a return appointment for next Saturday. When we were knocking on the next door some lady comes out saying don't knock come over here hurry. I was like why? Are we about to encounter someone who really doesn't like missionaries? When we got to the other house she introduced herself as Sister English. I hadn't ever met her before and now I wish I had because she is soo funny! Talking to her we found out it's her son who lives across the street and he doesn't want his name to be in membership records anymore. She's so full of character and just spuratic. One topic hear boom gone next topic over and over it was awesome! We told her about being able to set up a return appointment with the member that lives just up the street from her, she said how'd you do that?!? They haven't been active or receptive to missionaries for years. I said I don't know I just asked and just so happened to pick the only Saturday that they were going to be in town and not busy so he didn't have an excuse. She then told us more about him and his family. Then subject change she asked if we had ever substituted for a class and we said no. And now we are going to be teaching her class the 11 and 12 year olds on Sunday Nov 3rd. And set up to have dinner with them on Saturday Nov 2nd! So many things happened just while talking to her, she knows everyone in her neighborhood and told us everything she knows about all of them. So we have to go back to that area and follow up on her referrals because there was a lot of them.

Saturday we got up and went and visited with the president, hes such a nice guy and is always willing to listen no matter what. After that we went back to the apartment and Elder Jorgensen called his dad because it was his birthday. Then we went out and tried to make contact with some kids who are on the unbaptised child list. We were trying to catch them because it was their birthdays! But sadly they weren't home. Then we went up up and up again towards the top of seven hills to a neighborhood that has quite a few members. We made contact with only a few but as we were riding something caught my eye, it was a 1964 El Camino, super super pretty car, I had to stop and try to talk to this guy. When I rode up and said hey nice car the guy said thanks i asked the year and he said 64 then Elder Jorgensen rolled up and the guys name was Sam. So Sam now takes a second look at us and immediately starts saying look I'm not interested. But he only got about half of that out before I interrupted him saying I was just stopping by to look at this car. After that we got started talking and i asked him a few questions that only Chevy fans would really know the answers too and come to find out he worked at GM for over 15 years in the warehouse that built the big blocks, so now were on the topics of big blocks and just throwing numbers out at each other and I could tell my companion had absolutely no clue what was going on but he was just letting me be me and have a great conversion with this guy. Sam then says well let me pop the hood and show you around the car, ( Were in now ;) so he said hes been restoring the car for about 5 yrs and showed me a lot of really cool things that I didn't know existed. At the end of our little visit ( 1hr of talking about cars) we said we respect him for letting us just talk and even though he isn't interested in converting he shared a story with us about his daughter. He said he had taken her to the hospital and she had been paralyzed on her right side of the body, he said he went into a closet and prayed to God saying " God I know you can work miracles can you please show your hand in my daughters life." He said not even 15 mins after that prayer she was up and walking without any sign of being paralyzed. I don't know how we got into that story, he just started out of nowhere saying it. And at the end he said he doesn't share that with a lot of people but felt impressed to share it with us. Sam now has a good impression of the missionaries and said to stop by anytime if we ever need water or anything else.

After that we realized that we didn't have dinner that night so we called and visited just about ever member we could think of that could feed us. Finally we just gave in and went to Buffalo Wild Wings because we hadn't been there in over a month and it was well needed.
Sunday we went to church and had ward council nothing super interesting really happened until that night. When we were having dinner with the Spong's. They are like the best family ever they are super funny and he makes a killer steak, to so loving them wasn't hard.

See y'all later!


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