October 22, 2019


Seven Hills and Summit Wards


Elder Jorgenson

2nd Transfer

This one is long I'm sorry but alot has happened and I get carried away typing and explaining things haha. So it's the first week of the new transfer. Me and my companion have had alot of differences and dont get along very well but this transfer we ( as in I ) are going to try to work better with each other. Wednesday was the first day of transfers even though I didn't get transferred it still is just recognized as a " new beginning" the only change in our district was our district leader elder Congdon left us :( and now we have Elder Lockhart for our new DL. He's from Idaho too! He's a little goofy but an amazing missionary and I'm sure he will be a good leader too. During companionship study that morning our Zone leaders called us and asked if we were still going to be at our apartment for a little bit. They brought us OREO MCFLURRIES!?!?!?!?! That's the first time I've had ice cream on while I've been out and it was soo goooooood.

That night we went out with brother Scott and actually had a really good night we were able to get into some homes and teach little lessons. Thursday we went to fiiz with a recent convert named James Anderson he's going through some things with him mom right now and he's kind of funny because his mom was at therapy and their neighborhood is having a garage sale on Saturday and he said you know what my dad has two suits that my mom is planning on selling super cheap. I'll just give them to you gentlemen. So we got two nice suits but sadly they didn't fit me.

Weekly planning was still terrible but that night we were able to go out. We walked for 2 1/2 hours to the top of seven hills then back down to the church for our meeting with our WML. (Ward mission leader)

Friday we had district council with our new district leader Elder Lockhart it was different. As we went out that day we met an older lady named Susie who said we could start coming by November 1st. She said she and her friend were just talking about how they don't agree with what other churches believe and maybe it was time to try the LDS church. Friday was district council and we had set up a dinner for that night too, the Sister called us about and hour and a half before and said her husband and son weren't going to be able to be at dinner so we were trying to find another guy to come with us so we could still get dinner. It got to the we couldn't get anyone to come with us but had a member offer to just take us out to eat so we called the Sister and said we could just come pick up the food with the member and have it for another day, dinner was at 6:30 and the man we were trying to get to come with us called us as we were in the truck with the member at like 6:23ish saying he was on his way and almost there. So now we are in the truck with a member going to get dinner but can't because the other guy was almost at the sisters house. We were sad kind of because we were going to go the Buffalo Wild Wings with the member that came to get us. So then we had to apologize and ask him to take us to the sisters house. After dinner we asked if they had any referrals her Sister said that her niece living in Peru was ready, so we created a profile on area book for her niece and sent the referral to the missionaries that are serving in that area of Peru! How cool is that!?!?

Later that night at about 9:30 we got a call and we were asked to help someone move out of her apartment the next day. We said yes we can come help. Saturday came we were headed to the apartment and ran into two other missionaries in our district elder Gonzalez and elder Johnson. Thank goodness we ran into them. When we got to the apartment we found out they only had two trucks. We also found out that we were moving them into another apartment a couple buildings down on the second floor. We spent all day loading two trucks at a time then walking across the property unload the trucks then back to the other apartment to load up again. It was a loooong day when only 4 missionaries are going all the work. That night we had dinner with the Rich family he was a member long ago and is very inactive and his wife and daughters are not members but they feed the missionaries. Hes super funny and reminds me so much like my dad to a T.

Sunday was primary program in the summit ward then we couldn't find a ride home so we walked. It was when we got home that we both starting feeling sore from the day before. We had dinner with the Hettinger's then stayed in their neighborhood to visit more members. We went to the Drayer's house and had a quick lesson then I said we'd have to come back to ride his longboards he said why wait. So we went outside and rode his electric longboards! It felt so good to be able to have a little fun and not be biking or walking.

Monday we had a lesson with a girl named Ronnie and her son Vance. We've been trying to teach them for almost 5 weeks now and just haven't had any luck getting into the door, finally last Monday we stopped by and we were able to give them a Restoration pamphlet and they said that next Monday we could come back. When we got there yesterday she welcomed us into her home and said that Vance was at a friends house studying and he was sad that he missed us. But when we were talking she said that living there for 6 years they've had many missionaries stop by and she gives them a granola bar and usually doesn't see them again. But because we were persistent and kept coming back she felt something and actually started crying saying that she felt like something was missing in her life and she said she felt whole when we walked in. We set up another lesson for next Monday and invited her to church this Sunday. She seems so ready but we have to be patient and not jump the gun and let her have her own conversion to the gospel. I know this was long but a lot has happened this week!

Elder Wortham


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