October 15, 2019


Seven Hills and Summit Wards


Elder Jorgenson

My First Blessing

Hey, y'all!

The first part of this week has been moving sooo slow. I've been getting sick so we are having to stay in the apartment. I absolutely hate sitting in the apartment but when you cant even get out of without getting sick it's kind of a given that your gonna stay in that day... but enough about that.

I gave my first blessing! I know I've been out almost 2 months but most people don't want a blessing from the new kid. I gave it to Brother Munns, he and his wife are going through some hard times at the moment and we just had a feeling to stop by with brother Beatty. They didn't answer the door immediately but eventually we got in. While we were in there I shared my little message with a pen about holding on to what the prophet says and acting upon it. He broke down crying when he realized what he needed to start doing again.(going back to church) Hes a talker so it took a while before we were able to get to the blessing. As he kept saying that they were going to start coming back to church and repent and hold to the rod again and again. When I gave him a blessing he was able to breathe and calm down. I told him he was my first blessing and he said even better! That boosted my confidence so much he has no idea. As we were leaving his wife made the snarky remark "see you didn't even want me to open the door tonight." He practically followed us all the way out to the car talking to us, we could tell that he just wanted to keep talking about coming back to church and changing but it was already late and we had to go.

The next day was another long day, both me and my companion didn't feel good but since it was weekly planning day we were already going to be in the apartment all day. So Thursdays are always super long and we just have to deal with it. Friday I was sick again go figure. We texted the nurse and she said to try to eat something and if I could hold it down I could go out. But I was going out whether I was feeling better or not.

So we went out and visited Helen then some other members and then went back to the apartment for online contacting.

The weekend wasn't super exciting except for Fast Sunday was pretty cool hearing all the testimonies of the members. Monday! We finally had the first lesson with Ryder!! He was excited to come to church and talked about being baptized but it's been a challenge trying to teach him and his parents that they need to come to church more than just for that day. That's about the only thing exciting about Monday.

See y'all next week!

Elder Wortham


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