October 8, 2019


Seven Hills and Summit Wards


Elder Jorgenson

First week in October!

Hey everyone!

The first week in October is one of the best weeks yet, last Tuesday was the the 1st so that meant my birthday was only a month away, then on Wednesday we met with our friend John we've invited him to be baptized on the 19th of October and he said yes! He is already so member like. When we brought him to church everyone was already asking are you new to the ward? Where'd you move from? What ward were you in before? You know the regular questions people ask new members of their wards haha. He was very nice in his answering to those questions saying things like you could say that or yep this is my first Sunday. Being in the field for only a month and already seeing and meeting a lot of people I've never seen someone so prepared to become a member. And I don't know if I ever will again on my mission.

We also met with Helen again to straighten up what we had said the week before. We were telling her about temple garments and she can't hear anything but some words hear and there. So she got offended because she thought we were saying she dressed bad and that her clothes weren't good enough. Bless her heart she's the cutest old lady ever. When we went back over we had Brother Beatty with us and we showed her the temple garment video on YouTube and she now knows and understands that her clothes are ok and she doesn't have to dress like the missionaries do everyday.

Well it's now Saturday and we had the opportunity to watch general Conference! What a great blessing. Especially after receiving a text on Friday from John. He texted us saying he felt inadequate and not ready to be baptized we texted him back saying that he was loved and was ready to be baptized. We haven't got a response yet and are waiting to see if we are able to meet with him again.

In this mission since it's so hot in the summer we have this thing called blizzard breaks. When you just need a break from denial and have a little bit of cool off time. After we received that text my companion got extremely sad and very quiet. He was so excited to have John on date and when we were dropped his heart broke. So of course being the person I am I said we need to have a blizzard break but instead we were going to go to FIIZ it's a soda shop. We went to Blaze Pizza for dinner and the lady behind us paid for us because she can never have the missionaries over for dinner because her husband is never home. Just the little blessing like that are amazing. We were feeling down and denied, but Heavenly Father reminded us that we are loved by sending that sister in behind us, to help her be able to contribute to the missionaries and help my companion know that he is loved.

I'm also trying this new thing to make me emails longer because a little birdy was wondering why they were so short.

General Conference was awesome! I've never really been one to sit and enjoy Conference. But when your out here its makes all the difference. By far one of my favorite talks was Elder Johnson, he hit so many key attributes that we should all strive to be.

We still haven't heard anything back from John but we still love him and hope he softens his heart and will return to meeting with the missionaries.

Till next week!
Elder Wortham


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