September 24, 2019


Seven Hills and Summit Wards


Elder Jorgenson

Just Over a Month

Hey y'all it's been just over a month and this last week has flown by. The work is still slow but the time is flying by. We have been busy meeting members and working with our wards to find new ways to involve them.

This Sunday I was asked to give a quick talk and bare my testimony. A couple of weeks ago I was really struggling with feeling like I was so alone out here. I was missing my family and friends, and that family interaction. I can testify of the love that I have felt from the members in my wards here in Henderson and the peace and comfort it has brought to me. I can truly say I am at home here. They really know how to make a new missionary feel that family love. The last time I felt this much love from a ward was when I gave my farewell talk before I left on my mission. I can truly testify of the power of family members and ward families.

The members are finding ways to reach out to us now too and to slowly help fill our dinner appointments during the week. It has been truly amazing!

I have seen God's hand in my life and know I am where I am supposed to be. I have had many coincidences that could only be planned out by Him. I have even met members that have family back in Mtn. Home. It's crazy! He is aware of each of us and what we need.

Just this week we were approached by a guy named John who cut us off in his Corvette. And just out of the blue he's asking for a Book of Mormon and asking when church service is and me and my companion are like did that really just happen? We are waiting to see what happens on Saturday when we go to see him.

Other than that nothing super exciting has happened but the time is starting to fly.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Love you all!!

Elder Wortham 🚴‍♂️


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