February 12, 2019


Stirling, Scotland


Elder Draper

Week 80 DePORTed

So I got moved out of Portadown and I am a bit miffed haha I loved that wee town so much and I am very sad to leave all the friends that I made there. I could have stayed there the last 6 months of my mission easily and been totally fine. They put an extra team in there and the DL is my old comp Elder Ball who I would have too much of a blast with so that's probably why I am out haha can't have too much fun ;) I am now in Stirling, Scotland which is pretty alright. My new comp is Elder Draper from Elder Felix's MTC group. It's a small ward and the work is typically slow but I'll see what I can do:) I have wanted to visit here for my whole mission because the pdays are legendary so let's all pray for great weather for the next 6 weeks??? :) Expect some good pics. We got the best castle in Scotland here and a member that wants to show me the beauty of the nature of Scotland and we've got the Wallace Monument. Good combination. Got here safe and sound at around 7 pm so sorry for the late email. 

Before I left Portadown we had a friend that wants to get baptised come to church, and I taught a surprise lesson in Portuguese to a lovely girl from Guinea Bissau, and I went through the progress records of past missionaries and found over a 100 referrals from members. Mostly Pedro. So sad I didn't find that earlier. The missionaries are going to have a lit time there!!! 

Pics are me saying goodbye with a handful of my friends from the Down. Still missing pics for a lot of people because of the last second notice!!! So sad but I will visit for sure another time!!!

-Elder Myers


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