October 23, 2018


CCM (MTC) Retalhuleu


Elder Chantry

Mi nombre es Elder Barnoom

So nothing really new. I'm still in the MTC and doing the same things everyday, just learning more and more. Spanish is getting better every day but it’s frustrating when we are practicing lessons and I want to say something and don't know how to say it. But that is what makes you learn!

Because not much is new, I'll just tell you about how much I love the latino elders here. They are so funny, and I love talking to them every time I see them. They give me nicknames although we aren't supposed to have nicknames, so I tell them "No, mi nombre es Elder Barnoom" (which is how they say it) and they just laugh. A lot of them will just come up to me and start flexing and so I act like I'm scared of them and its super funny. They are so helpful with me learning Spanish too. They are so eager to help me. Every time I have an assignment to recite something, they fight over who gets to hear it.
Something else really awesome was that one Elder I met, his name is Elder Garcia from Peru, knew who my best friend Elder Rolfe was. That was really exciting to hear and it made me super happy. I still need to see if Jake knows who he is.
If I had something I miss more than family and friends it’s the gym. Oh I can't tell you how much I miss a good workout at PTF and then running over to STF and hitting the steam room. The gym here only has dumbbells up to 35’s. So, all I've really done is play basketball or volleyball instead of lifting. But its ok because cardio is important too.

I just want to share a quick experience. Today, after we attended the temple, my companions and I (got another one because his went home) were walking around. We were walking up some stairs and I just heard a soft but confident "Hola Elderes." It was these two little kids. And they put their hands out for us to shake. I don't know why but my heart just melted. That has to be the greatest moment as a missionary so far. It feels good to be wearing this name tag.

I don't have a message to share, but just know I love you all. And please, remember the first two commandments, Love God, and Love your neighbor! Siempre!

Elder Barnum


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