April 27, 2022


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Hatch

Hey guys!!

Great week just can't remember what happened... Lots of inactive works, my goodness we have been knocking on doors. We knock for about 3 1/2 hours a day! We have really been seeing the work progress. When we came into this area to open it up it was so hard to get the work going.
It is crazy how you feel like you are working so hard and nothing is moving. The harder you push and still no movement. The harder you stay with it then all of a sudden the hard work pays off and you see amazing things happening! It has been an adventure for sure and we feel so grateful but, boy is this p day needed gonna sleep all day long, haha.

Found another Jaxon he even spells it the same way. First off Jackson in Brazil just doesn't exist. There isn't a single person I have been told. Apparently, I found the one and only and he spells it the same way AND HAS A COOL BIKE! We know just about every person who rides a bike in our city now so when we are street contacting or whatever we always hear honking or " É AÍ ELDERS" Or "Greeengooooosss" we are pretty cool if I do say so myself.

We had an awesome zone conference this week, comps b day, planning family nights, got our first friend we are teaching to our English class and he's going to bring his friends next time! Painted yet another house, fantastic !

Apparently word got out that we painted a families kitchen.
We spent 4 hours painting this home and helping them move. Then they asked us if we could jump in the back of their truck and travel 7 1/2 hours to unload their things and fins away back home. They were caught off guard when we said we couldn't jump in the back of the truck and go.
Family nights, and tons of lessons full of the spirit!

News for my dad he got his brain scan back they found some spots they don't know if it's cancer or scar tissue so we wait 4 more weeks to find out. To be totally honestly I just got so mad just trying to find out why it's not over!! Then I just knelt down and prayed my guts out and just felt the big load go away and and amazing amount of peace. The next morning I was reading in the book of Mormon in Jacob chapter 5 BOY IS THATA GOOD CHAPTER! Highly recommended. It's all about the Lord's garden and how he shows us what we need to do with our trees (lives) and how we must go and get wild branches (trials) and trim them helping them becoming healthier and helping the tree become healthy again. Without our trials we won't learn and grow how God wants us to grow. Sorry that probably doesn't make exact sense but go read chapter 5 it's fantastic. Studying the scriptures daily is so important for us because we will always find our answers to our questions with those studies! The scriptures have brought me so much peace. If I would not have had trials I would not have searched for answers and come to love them more!!!

Sorry went a lil long but love you guys very much hope you're all doing fantastic!

People to PLEASE pray for!!!
My dad, Edna, Reis, Felipe, Val


Bombbbbb dinner we had with some members
it's an avacadoooo!
Helped the sisters in our district with their baptism!
The usual pizza
Açaí for the comps b day


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