April 18, 2022


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Hatch

Milagres acontecendooooo!

Milagres acontecendooooo!

This week went really good! We are progressing with our friends a lot. We have reached the point where we taught all the lessons. We are just supporting them through the process which is so fun because we get to really know them. At the same time its really annoying because some aren't accepting dattteess.

We were able to have zone counsel in person!
We helped some members move houses, GOT AN AIR FRYER OUTA IT!! Blessings of service. So now we are living the fancy life aka estamos CHIQUES DE MAIS.
Bought a freaking terere cup that is made out of a horse hoof! Coolest thing in the world.
We had a super good lesson with our friend Felipe and found some of his concerns. I love when our friends have questions. the more we have a desire to know about anything the more questions we will have. To me that is when we progress and grow.
We had a great Easter full of chocolate candy and teaching people about the great atonement.

Spiritual thought
´´I love the lord Jesus christ and testify that his gospel is the only enduring solution for peace. His gospel is a gospel of peace´´
President Nelson
I have been studying Pres. Nelsons talk a lot lately because on the 20th is when my dad gets his brain scan to show he doesn't have cancer. His talk is so powerful! He shares 5 steps to seek miracles in our lives. This has been so close to home for me personally because we have been seeking miracles! I had the opportunity to talk to my amazing mom about this today. Even though this has been the hardest thing our family has ever had to go through we have seen miracles. When we stop and allow ourselves to see and keep seeing these unreal miracles in our life, we realize how much the Lord blesses us with them!!!

Love you guys and please pray for my dad so we can see that CLEAR scan!! I know pray works because I have seen the miracles!

Pizza the usual
This great dog named paulo we met while waiting for pizza the owner offered 10 reais for him!
Juice we got, one of them tasted like a pine tree pretty festive
Donuts to celebrate for easter
Some ridiculously amazing desert thing this member gave to us
Terere cups
oh yea remember when i said i was going to make cinnamon rolls.... tough go. Turns out I'm not a chef after all. They didn't rise, at all and they were like hockey pucks.


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