April 5, 2022


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson


Got my first American comp and basically already lost all my Portuguese. Seriously though, when you are forced to speak you learn it fast. I have to admit we have both enjoyed using english. His name is Elder Jones he's from Lehi has about 7 months on the mishh.

This week was long and crazy and we had a baptism... long story short, we had a baptism planned for this lil 9 year old for next week. Her whole family are members just inactive. We had another baptism planned for this week on Wednesday. When we showed up at the baptism it turned out there was a misunderstanding. The 9 year old showed up with her family and extended family from North Brasil. We made millions of calls to the AP's and President because we had only taught one lesson to her. We also had not had an interview with her. She was so excited to get baptized. We went crazy fast did a huuggeee lesson and one of the AP's gave her an interview all within 45 minutes! Then we were able to baptize her and it was so amazing to see her and her family so happy. This next week with be full of continuing to teach her.

Tons of free food, CONFERENCEEEE, got to see some missionaries during transfers, finished conference and a friend we are teaching calls us and says what's with this temple thing I wanna go... so we gave her number to the bishop and now she's got a bus ticket to go to Rio and see the dedication of that temple with our ward at the end of April!! We were walking home and it was that awkward moment when you're walking the same pace as this stranger on the sidewalk. No one is saying anything but you feel like you should. So we started talking to him as we were walking. He was crazy interested in learning more about Christ ANDDDD HE INVITED US FISHINGGGGGGGG!!! I'm gonna cry if it will actually happen, Went to a members house for the Sunday session. We walk in and they start playing that 50 cent birthday song. I diiiieedd laughing! They said they looked up most popular American birthday song and that one came up. They made a cake for me. It was so nice!!!

Favorite talk! - Elder Pace . I thought it was freaking awesome about goal setting!!

Some weird orange cake some member bought us?
Conference!!! Showed Elder Jones the miracles of tereré
Free ties we got from a member!
Awesome view of our area, Elder jaques and I spent the last day together on the street for 4 hours
Comp likes to cook so we made some spaghetti
(Didn't realize I make the same face every picture I'll change it up this week I guess)
The casual free pizza and juices we get every week
The baptism


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