February 14, 2022


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson

Transfers again!

Hey y'all sorry gonna keep this one short but this week was super fun. It was crazy full of lessons left and right. We had a baptism planned for this next Sunday but found out he's living with his girl! So that was a tough one. Please help and keep him in yalls prayers. His name is Ilrickson. Yes, his name is a different. He is hilarious and is super cool he is from the Dominican! We have a few families we are teaching. We have another family we are teaching who is living her temporarily. They are moving to city where the closest church is 2 hours away. This is a challenge because there is not a lot of members to create many wards and the wards are branches. Members travel a long way to get to church. How lucky I am to always have church's and a temple so close.

Transfers this week! Nothing is changing in our area, my companion and I will be staying together.

We are starting to get super close with our ward and is super fun! Starting up some game nights this next week and will be teaching classes on Sunday now!
Love it here in Jaguariúna its insanely beautiful! Definitely going to be sad when i have to leave this place whenever that is. But also found out one of our members is a Rodeor. We are going to try watching a rodeo sometime soon hopefully!!

Spiritual thought:
Ether 6: 6-12
Kinda long so I won't paste it but this scripture is one of my favorites by far. It is all about using your faith and knowing that God loves you. He is here trying to use these things during hard times because by the end of that trial you will be so much stronger than you ever could be. Learning to trust in God's plan is hard but when we trust more things start to work out in his timing.


1. super dope member
2. Free milkshake from this guy who found us street contacting!!
3. Yeeeeeeee buddy im a pro at making banana bread (was cleaning up and my comp starts eating the top.... so it was actually all in one piece before i swear)
4. Freaking awesome sunset haven't seen a good one in a while nothing better than good ol Idaho sunsets but this one was awesome too


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