February 7, 2022


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson

Holy busy week!!!

Holy busy week I don't know if I have ever had a faster one and ton happened!!

Tuesday - had some awesome lessons i learned
1. Now know what a Pitaya is
2. Now know we have a Pitaya plant in our yard!!
3. Now know I love Pitaya
4. Learned you need to wait for a Pitaya to be really big for it to be ready or else you WILL puke your guts out

After that fun experience we went street contacting. I saw this guy selling honey on the side of the street then thought I wonder if I can negotiate in portuguese. We go up to the man. He said it was 7 dollars but he would give it to me for 6 just because he likes Americans. I got him down to 1 dollar and a pamphlet of the plan of salvation!! It was fantastic at the end he said yea i don't like Americans anymore and smiles(he was kidding, i think he was).

Wednesday- TEMPLEEE
Temple was sooo awesome got to see the whole zone with there heads shaved it was fantastic and a temple trip was exactly what i needed!! It was the first time our mission president saw everyone. Him and his wife were really touched.

Thursday - lots of street contacts and a bomb family night with amazing food. They had these mini hot dog type things mmmmm sooo good.

Friday - had an awesome lesson with Felipe and his wife tried talking him into watching march madness. We will see if he does. He is so crazy spiritual also its super awesome!!

Saturday - went to another city in our area (our area is giant) and did a family night there and taught some investigators! It sucked they had a whole bunch of amazing food but we already started fasting never been more tempted in my life.

Sunday - had 2 super good lessons one with Ilrickson a guy we have marked on date. He taught about the commandments he started crying because he said he just feels like he is doing the right thing! When you see how the gospel impacts someone it makes me really appreciate this amazing message we can share with others.
Then the other lesson was with Dercillio and Baião they are super awesome! One has a kid. He smokes a pack a day and knows it will be hard to give that up.
Then we ask how old she is and the girl walks in from another room and says I am 10 thank you very much. Since you are an American can you now go buy me something? I DIEDDD laughing I couldn't hold it in
Anyways that was the week sorry long email!!
Definitely felt extremely guided this week it was so awesome!
Love you all!

Temple trip
Family night
The honey I got!!


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