January 26, 2022


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson


Wwaaazzaaaaa peeps
Sorry forgot write last week ya know its a lot harder than it seems to write a weekly.

Anyways this week was super busy with lots of street contacting. Lil side note catholicism is REAALLY popular here. We found a park in the front of a catholic chapel that everyone sits during the day. We walk around the church talking to people. Usually they deny us BUT every once in a while we get someone so its pretty dope.

Miracle of the week
We found this one guy who moved to Canada then Hungary then back here but, he knows english. He talked to missionaries in the past in Hungary and said he was looking to find some here! So we are stoked to see what happens with him. He is an amazing person and we are excited to get to know him.

Other miracle
This guy who works at a pizza shop always gives us free pizza!!! So we don't try using him tooo much just about once a week we get free pizza definitely a blessing
Cool scripture in Acts 17: 27-29
God is always here just need to look for his hand in our lives. It is definitely harder than it seems especially during hard times but at those hard times is when it means the most!
Lil invite take a couple minutes this week to just sit and talk to Heavenly Father. Try to find somewhere real quiet and just full send it for a while, until you feel he is there. Just a little thing like this I can definitely say strengthens your relationship with him big time. This is has been such a strength to me.

1. Treated ourselves to some burgers this week
2. Freaking western shop in our area felt sooo good being in there nice fresh smell of boots mmhmm
3. Cake a member gave us!


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