December 27, 2021


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! Hopefully everyones was awesome!

For my area its not very popular to celebrate Christmas. We are on the more poor side so people don't spend their money on its harder to buy decorations. My companion is from Brazil. He continues to tell me Christmas is an American holiday. We commercialize it A LOT . They celebrate the Saviors Birth and his life. It is interesting, I thought there were a lot of Catholics in South America. I always thought there were a lot of Christians. There are many who do not believe in the Savior or know he exists.
I have learned that you can't know who he is if you aren't trying to find out. You can't teach someone who he is if you are not always trying to know yourself. You can't get to know him if you aren't trying to spend time with him.

I've been training a Brazilian this transfer which has been a super fun yet humbling experience and definitely difficult. He knows the language better than me, he understands the culture better me and he is older than me and I am the trainer. But it has been so good for me to learn and to be pushed more than I ever have. This area doesn't have the highest teaching rate so we mainly focus on member relationships which is super fun. We go to inactives and check up on them a ton and also just calling members seeing how they are doing. We are working hard to get this area moving. I have never learned more than ever that the little rules, commandments and things that are asked of us really matter. If we do them and do them diligently he blesses us.

Lil spiritual thought been reading a tone in D&C lately there is a scripture in D&C 4 verses 4-7 about how we all have gifts and we must follow Gods commandments to see those awesome powers of those gifts and how we can strengthen those gifts. I love this scripture especially awesome around this time as we celebrate the greatest gift of the birth of christ and how God gives us so many gifts in our lives. Been thinking a ton on how i can try to find out what my own gifts is and how i can try sharing it more. What better time than right now to try and find that out and share our gifts and love to other people!

Thank you so much for all of your support!

photo dump
1. Member gave us groceries
2. Me and my comp
3. Pres e Sister Saucedo with us at church yeeee we all got the same ties momma Woodward came in clutch
4. Volleyball
5. Dinner with members for Christmas
6. Christmas Eve we got some marshmallows and had a lil bbq out in our backyard super fun! Stayed up for a while playing board games then all slept outside! Was freaking dope and i didn't get a single bug bite which is a Christmas miracle.


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