November 15, 2021


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson


Hey yall!!
This week went pretty great but just got terrible news! Elder Haacke (the english comp) is getting transfered!! He came out with me and they put us in a the same house together with different companions. My English safety will be leaving and I may be talking to myself a little more. Haha We will be going from 6 to 4. They are all awesome.

This week was full of street contacts and picking awesome stuff off the side of the road. Elder Haacke and I pick something up every once in a while for our fantastic at home gym. We occasionally get something random to see what our comps would say. My comp got a great snag this week he got a little cabinet!! Taught him so well to be resourceful.

Super awesome experience at the temple with a friend we are teaching. We were able to give him a little tour and it went soo good. Our friend loved the feeling of the Temple and the blessings it brings. President Saucedo came with us too!! He has been coming to a few of our meetings with our friend because he is in his congregation. It was so crazy seeing the joy in our friend looking at the temple! I love the temple!

This week I said an English prayer with some members that know English. They asked me to pray in English. It actually felt strange praying in English. I have been trying so hard to speak in Portuguese that to pray in my language all of a sudden felt like effort or like I was doing something wrong...ha.

At least once a week we have a drunk guy come up saying American American can I take a picture with you!! Feels pretty special and cool even though they are drunk.

Love you all!

1. Snickers needed after the news of Elder Haacke leaving
2. Sick huge waterfall we hiked to today
3. "Jeep"
4. Food with members


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