November 8, 2021


Jardim Flamboyant Campinas


Elder Nelson

What uuupp peeeepppss

This week went pretty great lotttsss of facebook finding this week and a good amount of lessons! We got our friend Adilson on date so thats super exciting!!

This week we went to the temple which was super awesome!! Went for a zone conference with a couple other zones and president Saucedo was there too!
While we were walking to the temple a member stopped by us and gave us a ride so that was super nice and we somehow fit 6 in a Brazillian car! I don"t know if you know what a Brazillian car looks like but man they are tinyyyyy! Super glad we didn't have to walk the rest of the way though.

Then we got there totally didn't realize the whole thing was going to be in Portuguese! I didn't understand much yet still felt the spirit sooo much!!!

The same day I went to the temple is when my dad was supposed to get the results of his scan back. The night before I wasn't sure what emotion I would be going through when I went inside because I should have the news in the morning. Before I went I got the news that it came back all clean. I felt so much joy. When I left on my mission I had a powerful experience in the temple. This is a place that has brought me a lot of peace and comfort. I had the strong feeling come over me that told me to "go and do the work and I will do mine". This has brought me a lot of peace that my dad is being watched over. "Doubt not fear not" has brought a whole new meaning. God is a God of miracles and has brought us this far.

After the temple we walked back on the freeway. There are crosswalks and "sidewalks" ON THE FREEWAY crazyyy. You have to cross FAST!

Found out that Brazilians don't like to kill literally anything. Elder Haacke killed a grasshopper looking thing and my comp said that bug will bare its testimony in the last days against you Elder Haacke and I dieeeddd laughing. Then I showed my comp some pictures of me hunting. He didn't think that was very cool.

In the middle of a dinner Elder Haacke and I decided we were going to work out. On the way home our prayer got answered and we saw a door on the side of the road. So we snagged it and brought it home to create our very own DIY home gym.

Looove brazil!! Goodness am I thankful for the gift of tongues!!!
Hope yall are doing fantastic!!!
Love yall
Elder Woodward
1. Campinas temple!
2. The walk over/ my district
3. A monkey in the tree


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